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Are start-ups fueling Freelance in India?

Posted on December 4, 2015   by FlexiPort Team  


Until a few decades ago, professions in India were very well segregated. ‘Respectable’ professions to vie for were things like doctors and engineers and teachers. If you picked one, you usually picked it for life. You grew and grew within your field and professional success came in the form of promotions, pay hikes and trust. Then mindsets evolved.

Indian professionals began exploring alternative careers and started carving a niche for themselves. Advertising, aviation, design, travel – all these industries began booming and the idea of what was ‘respectable’ became broader and broader.

Today, we stand on the cusp of another such evolution of mindsets in our country, with respect to how we view careers. Over the last few years, India has seen a massive surge in the trends of outsourcing and freelancing.

More and more companies are looking to hire independent skilled professionals for projects rather than hire someone in-house. Similarly, more and more talented professionals are trading in their 9-5 jobs for a shot at the freelance life. Hopping from one exciting project to another, without having someone to report to and being your own boss is a life that has started appealing to a large segment of people and is finally being accepted by their parents as well!

Simultaneous to this surge in outsourcers  and freelancers in India, however, has been the rise and spread of the startup ecosystem in India. The youth today is getting increasingly inclined towards the ideas of disruption and innovation, which is the basis of building and growing a business from scratch.

So whether it’s setting up their own businesses or being part of an idea they believe in, more and more young professionals are going the startup way.

With these two trends making their mark on the professional world around the same time, we decided to explore the relationship between the two. Not surprisingly, both these trends work symbiotically and are giving impetus to each other’s growth.

On one hand is the young entrepreneur, navigating through the chaos of a new start-up company. At this stage, very often, the amount of work needed to be done is high but budgets and timelines are low.

Additionally, a lot of these initial tasks are one-time projects for which they need not hire a new employee in-house.


Swooping in with their wide gamut of talent and experiences, lower fees (as compared to bringing an employee on payroll) and quick turn-around times, Freelancers truly prove to be the startup’s best friends.

On the other hand, is the freelancer, who is always on the look-out for his next exciting project. Start-ups are now a large part of India’s booming economy and are gaining the attention of many an investor willing to take a chance on them. More investment means more funds to hire quality freelancers and pay them a fair sum of money.

So when exciting projects meet credible returns, the opportunities created are a freelancer’s haven.

We believe that collaboration is the key to all productive businesses and are very happy to see mindsets change, industries collaborate and synergies merge. The world is shrinking, limitations are disappearing, new horizons are being discovered everyday! Have you jumped on the bandwagon yet?


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