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Five ways to market your freelance writing skills

Posted on December 12, 2015   by FlexiPort Team  
Five ways to market your freelance writing skills

Freelance content writing job like any other profession is a competitive field. Anybody can become a freelance content writer, so what separates you from the herd? What makes you stand out to potential clients? You need to have work which is easy to locate  so that they know what to expect from you in terms of quality and content.What if you are a new writer in the home based jobs market and you are yet to begin writing as a freelance writer? Take one step at a time because that’s how everyone else did it too.

Every journey begins with one step so start slow but be sure of your actions before taking them. If you are authentically invested in becoming a freelance writer then marketing your skills, improving your techniques and going beyond an adequate portfolio are ways to ensure that you have a continuous flow of work from business consultants who not only prefer you but also recommend your work.

You will have to be open to learning new techniques and mastering many skills along the way if you want to grow. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for your first client or for a business client who can give you work at regular intervals, the way to becoming a successful writer needs an unbreakable promise towards excellence. One effective way of evolving to become a better writer is to read the work done by professionals from your line of work. Here are five essential ways to market your freelance writing skills.

1. Own a website to showcase your skills

Owning a website is like giving your business card. If you have it then it will be judged on its quality and uniqueness, but not having one can be a potential deal-breaker

When you look for part time jobs from home, you would surely want to learn more about the companyby logging on to their website. Imagine the shock you would feel when you learn that thecompany you are looking to work for doesn’t even have a website and you will realize what a client feels about writers without a website.

You increase your employability by owning a website with relevant content. If you are a fresh writer, you can include testimonials from companies you have worked for in the past. A smart domain name goes beyond mere words to make a mark on the client to favour you. An “About” section can speak for you to help the client in the elimination process. Web links to the different social media websites where you are active help them understand who you are. Have contact details clearly marked so that you can be contacted easily and also have a contact/enquiry form on your website which helps you to receive queries at any time of the day.

2. Presence on social media

Whether you are active on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, if not all, you need be active on some social media platform if you want to have a higher success rate for your part-time job search. Whether you like it or not, social media is an essential supplement to businesses in any field so don’t shy away from it. You can get a job and  givinga peek into who you are helps seal the deal for some clients. You can assume that any client who is even remotely interested in your work will look at your social media pages. The standard social tool for professionals is Twitter so start tweeting.

Twitter is a great place to seek and offer work. You can also get in touch with fellow freelance writers who can inform you/keep you updated?  About potential jobs. Clients keep an eye on Twitter to pick up new talent for a variety of reasons so remember that whatever you say and how active you are reflects on you as a professional. Remember to keep it polite and link your website to help facilitate any curious client.

3. Classify your portfolio according to industry

Clients feel safe and comfortable working with freelance writers who have experience in their field of work. Arranging your work not only tells them how many clients you have but also gives you more credibility. A very common mistake is grouping random testimonials and portfolio modules with little or no classification. It can be easily overlooked by a client but labeling your work according to industries serves your purpose of letting people know that you know what will be required from you when you are hired. A freelance writer from the relevant field will give you better results almost every time. It helps serve your purpose to get more home jobs and expand your portfolio.

4. Content is King

It is essential to have as many items in your portfolio as possible to show your vast experience but that may not always be your best plan of action. Skim through all the contents in your portfolio and include only the best ones. Call it fate or pure bad luck but clients tend to randomly click on some of your worst work. You have a chance of getting judged improperly because of the needs of a certain job which may do more harm than good. So, include the items that you are absolutely proud of and you have no second thoughts about it being shared by hundreds or thousands of people.

5. Trouble your client and it comes back to you

Clients expect punctuality and quality when they hire you. Keep your books organized because any unfortunate mail or transaction caused at their office because of you will most likely result in you getting dropped as one of the freelancers working for the company. Send invoices on time to get paid on time. Reminder mails from the client will not be an asset for you.


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