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Five expert tips for professional development

Posted on December 20, 2015   by Ekta Jain  
Professional Development

 Five expert tips for professional development

Working professionals are always seeking new ways to get ahead in their field of work, and that is a healthy attitude. Career experts say that you need to focus more on your relationship with your boss and build your image to be a vital part of your team. Relying just on talent and experience is a slower way of progressing as an individual.

Make sure you not only recognize your abilities but also work towards overcoming your flaws. You need to be able to help your boss achieve targets and by going beyond the call of duty to stay in focus. Getting by doing the bare minimum will not get you anywhere soon but doing things that others are unwilling to do because it requires extra effort is what will give you the edge when the time comes to get rewarded for your work.

1. Efficiency is critical

Time management plays a key role in helping you achieve more than what others do with their time. We all get 24 hours at our disposal every day but what we do with those hours and minutes is what adds up to show a variety of results. If you are a business consultant, then timing is a crucial prospect in taking decisions to determine success.

2. Take initiative

If you have a team that you supervise, then it is your responsibility to extract work from them. Things will not work out if you are not motivated. Give your team enough time and check up on progress regularly to efficiently meet deadlines. It is your neck on the line if your team fails to deliver results on an individual and a managerial position. As an individual, taking initiative is always seen as a trait that business consultants look for in more people. Even in the most competitive fields, taking action and diligently getting the work done is assured to give you a high success rate.

3. Set targets for yourself

Keep track of your progress to be able to plot and report work done. As a financial planner, it will help you achieve goals regularly and efficiently. Planning the total amount of work you have and the total time you have to complete the task is a simple and practical way to meet deadlines. If you manage to get work done earlier than expected, then you choose to get even more work done and take the pressure off of your team to have a comprehensive victory on the task.

This simple measure makes you a highly valued member of the organization who is not only retained year after year but also rewarded. Helping others when you can not only maintain a healthy work atmosphere but also, let the boss notice you. Keeping track of your efforts works for every profession.

4. Demand your right

Before you go into your boss' cabin to talk about promoting you, you need to be able to tackle his questions. You need to become the leader in your line of work to get promoted. Staying under the radar is not a good option, and it can be embarrassing if you ask for a promotion and your boss doesn't know what you do to deserve it. Learn efficient ways of climbing the corporate ladder so that you have the right to demand what is rightfully yours and can give a detailed report on why you should get it. Make sure you get the message across accurately and politely via phone or e-mail if you depend on home based jobs for income.

5. Become a priority member of the team

Nobody is truly indispensable because one wrong move can change all the good you have done. But trying to become indispensable is a continual effort. You should be the go-to person for your boss who knows that any job you get will be impeccable. Make sure you try things out of your comfort zone and give it your best shot. You might not excel in at the task right away, but it shows that you are ready for a challenge and helps you grow as a working professional as well.

If you have problems, then try to solve it with every resource that you have before going with a problem to your boss. If you get work from accounting outsourcing companies then keeping transparency in your work is of utmost relevance. A positive attitude to trying things that might be next to impossible but still attempting it and getting a good outcome is a much better prospect as compared to a negative attitude right from the start.  


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