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Benefits of online portals for freelancers

Posted on December 30, 2015   by Ekta Jain  
online portals for freelancers

Benefits of online portals for freelancers

You always look for ways to expand your business but with the benefits, you will also have higher maintenance costs. More operations require more employees, and when you don’t have a consistent flow of work, the workforce can become a liability rather than an asset. Every business has its ebb and flow but if you expect a lot of ebbs as far as revenues then you are better off employing people on a short contract basis. If you own a supermarket then going for this method can be tricky and more of a bane than a boon. But, if you own a business where you require content or projects that need not require a full-time employee like a photographer who needs some images retouched then hiring freelancers is the best way to do business. You can hire a professional from a pool of freelancers to get the job done. It gives you the choice to choose an expert, and they can part ways once the project is complete or collaborate forces for future projects as well.

The need for such assignments is where online portals for freelancers becomes an asset for business owners. You need not be a multinational corporation to outsource your work to people seeking home based jobs. Even a small-time business owner who employs no staff can also opt for freelancers.

The requirement, availability of the right freelancer, cost and time to complete assignments is vital. Employers have to judge on this four criterion among others based on the type of tasks. Well known online portals offer tests to earn credentials on their website to improve their probability of getting hired. A freelance writer can take language tests to show his proficiency in the language while graphic designers can upload their designs as a part of their profile to get the edge over others among other ways to promote yourself as the best person for the job.

Veteran freelancers have an extensive portfolio to showcase their work that increases their chances of getting hired. An experienced freelancer can demand higher remuneration while rookie freelancers can decrease their pay to improve chances of getting work from home jobs. Part-time jobs from home lets experts earn more and use their skills while keeping a day job. You can be a freelancer with or without a regular job because it doesn't matter to your employer as long as you can do the work according to preset parameters. That’s the beauty of being a freelancer.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert or a beginner; there’s place for everybody as a freelancer based on merit. A freelance job doesn’t depend on what religion you were born into or whether you have a formal education. If you have the right set of skills, then you can get the job you deserve.

Freelancing gives you the flexibility of time to work when you want. If you have too much on your plate, then you can reject offers to work for freelance and accept offers when you have time to finish projects. There is no notice period that you need to serve as a freelancer, and that is advantageous for you and employers as well. You don’t need to be bothered with work unless you are in a position to fulfil responsibilities. As an employer, you don’t need to give yearly bonuses or other benefits that you are required to give to regular employees. All this is possible because of an online portal that lets employees meet employers. It is a market where freelancers showcase their skills and bargaining for time and pay is possible. How do online portals stay in business? They charge a small commission that is negligible for individual projects.

Employers post their requirements, and freelancers bid on projects. Employers can post recommendations for freelancers they enjoyed working with which benefits them to get more jobs. There are parameters for companies also like timely payments so freelancers can choose to bid projects for employers who have a good record of fair payment in the past. All this wouldn’t have been possible with word of mouth because you can’t possibly have a global network while working.

You can get a worldwide network of contacts and connections by staying active on online portals for freelancers and use your skills to get paid. You can ask for a reference from an employer as well which can be used to show your performance as a working professional. You can find out where to start by friends or co-workers who freelance or log on to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to check regular job offers.

Having an active profile on some of the highest rated freelancing online portals is an excellent way to get work, get in touch with people and have a professional relationship that can help you in the future.


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