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6 Ways to Market your Small Business Mobile App

Posted on March 31, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
6 Ways to Market your Small Business Mobile App

 6 Ways to Market your Small Business Mobile App

Get your consumers to spend few megabytes of space on their smartphones and let your business earn some megabucks. Apps make it that easy to do business, don’t they? Yes, if marketed appropriately. And marketing doesn’t mean denting your operational budget. There are some clever, cost-effective ways to achieve success with it, too. Lot of mobile application developers browse through few and see how they as entrepreneurs can push the consumers to give a share of their mobile desktop.

·      Start with startup events: Take for instance ‘Startup Saturday.’ The opportunistic scale of such events is big. Even for small business owners. Occasions like these bring together plenty of businesspersons. Both like-minded and from fields that you’ve no idea about, probably. Throw in your app in the discussion. If it’s good enough to shine in front of the community, consider tons of positive word-of-mouth and 5-star reviews secured. If not, you’ll know what the grey areas are that need focus. Also, there might be some tie-up offers or potential investors interests coming your way. An added bonus in your promotional efforts.

·      App, where art thou? Build your app for Apple’s App Store. Check. Build your app for Google’s Play Store. Check. Build your app for other, lesser-known app platforms. Check? There are plenty of sources that audience’s use, which can boost the chances of your app being downloaded tremendously. Think about it this way. Instead of displaying your product in exclusive showrooms, the more outlets your creation is available in, the wider and more diverse the audience that is likely to give it a try. So don’t restrict your development to the top two or three app download platforms. Plus, ensure of optimizing your app for all these platforms according to their keyword strengths.

·      Awesome ‘tool’some: There are free mobile app marketing tools that can do the business for you. You can do a lot for your app operating these. Like knowing more about the best-targeted keywords and your app’s standing as per those. You can also use analytics to score your app in comparison with ‘me-too’ apps. Making audiences’ decision easier. The best part? Plenty of new tools come in everyday in the online marketplace, with newer, better offerings. So, you’ve a variety to pick from, which is best suited for your business.

·      What’s in it for them? Work the charm over your existing consumers.It’s a great way to get the ball rolling with your app. Compel them to download it. Something you can do with ease as the boss. Coax them with incentives that will get them to flock to the install page. Give them a great discount on service or subscription. Maybe a freebie. How about making a proposal that’s too tempting for them to refuse? You know what your organization does best. Go ahead; tilt the scale to the ‘yes’ side of the download button.

·      Talk about it, literally: Radio, the traditional broadcast media, can be an unorthodox way of going about it. Lot of times, RJs aid product placement in their daily talk shows.  Make your app part of the communication with their listeners. Build a story around it. How it helped someone out of a situation. RJs have loyal listenership. And their way of presentation can add a new dimension to your cause. The added bonus is radio’s penetration that will ensure your message reaches far and wide, at least.

·      Leverage the power of your thumbs: Why not get your mobile devices to work for your app? Put your Facebook, twitter and Instagram time to productive use. Update your friends about your app in the most exciting way you can. Through teaser posts, screen shots et al. Urge them to share so you benefit through the multiplier effect. Pen select blogs about a tech evolution in your business and how it’s going to revolutionize the way your audience approaches you. Curiosity pokes people to probe. Surely, they’ll want to download your app and look through. Drive them to being curious and feed them the download link. Consider your job done.

Freelance mobile application development jobs or businesses may be small. But the impact a well-marketed app is going to make on it is not going to be small, certainly. Push your app to your audience intelligently and they’ll push your business ahead.


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