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5 small business HR mistakes to avoid.

Posted on April 12, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
5 small business HR mistakes to avoid.

5 Small Business HR. mistakes to avoid

You must have heard, “businesses are built on ideologies, visions and strategies.” Granted but these philosophies and ideas that are best for business are somebody’s brainchild. Maybe even somebodies thinking. The bottom-line being that human resource is the primary cog that keeps the organizational machinery moving. For smaller companies with limited means, this is the resource that they should invest in significantly. Hence, here are 5 mistakes that should be avoided at all cost when taking work force-related decisions.

• When staffing, score candidates in relation to their competence and not on their relation to you: Favors in business should be limited to business relations, not personal. When you hire to fill positions, your evaluation of candidature should be on the basis of qualification, experience and candidates’ attitude towards the company. Roping in people who you know but who don’t know anything about your field is a big no-no. Start-ups are guilty of committing such errors in recruitment. Doing this denies worthy candidates of a chance to prove their mettle. Also, you may lose the right ones that have the capability to lead the company ahead. So, reserve your offer letters only for those with the requisite competence to help you reach your future goals.

• Don’t have stopgap fixes for vacancies either: No, this doesn’t count as internal recruitment. In fact, it’s the last thing expected of you as the boss. You should be aiming to bring in the best talent and not looking for quick fixes. You maybe trying to save on delays due to the time-consuming processes of appointing. But, you’ll end up adding to chaos in daily operations. The personnel you entrust with extra responsibility may fail to conclude which role they should fulfill on priority and which to put on the back burner. This may lead to uncalled postponement of deadlines and deliveries. So, avoid stopgap solutions and follow your standard procedures when vacancies arise.

• Never contemplate the compensation date: Financial incoming maybe ebbing at times due to circumstances beyond your control, but that doesn’t mean you should push the payday. The day of the salary being credited to their accounts is what your employees look forward to the whole month. It keeps them motivated. Tinker with it and you’ll be putting your business in harm’s way. Learning about pay being delayed or not being paid for the month entirely can impact your employees’ morale adversely. You don’t want to see half-hearted efforts from the people you’ve handpicked to help grow your dream. Cut down on your take-home profit, if need be. But make sure that you’ve enough monetary backup to remunerate your work force.

• Your only blue-eyed baby in the organization should be its growth: Favoritism, if any, on your part should be towards the company’s success graph. As far as your subordinates go, you should refrain from praising few and urging others to follow their lead. There should be equality of treatment in the workplace. Anyone who works for you and has done a good job of something deserves to hear words of appreciation from you in front of the whole office. A pat on the back from the chairman can do wonders for your employees’ enthusiasm.

• Close the door on closed work culture: Do away with your cabin. That closed structure can be intimidating. Advocate an open culture. Be one among the staff and sit in a desk. Give them the feeling of being approachable. You’ll be able to learn beyond your managers’ reports. Do away with HR. practices that are not in the interest of your employees.

Earn their respect by respecting them. There’ll be more wanting to work for you than you can handle.


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