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Online Lead Generation – Boon for Small Businesses

Posted on April 12, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
Online Lead Generation – Boon for Small Businesses

Online Lead Generation – Boon for Small Businesses

How do you grow bigger? By taking good care of your nutrition. Put this in context for your start up - you need to feed your company a regular supply of consumers. And that is possible only when you keep growing your customer treasury. Generating leads is a boon for smaller set ups. Clients are rungs on the commercial ladder that your organization has to step on to ascend steadily. Also, there’s no debating the fact that the longer the ladder, the better for your business. Here’s how you can add levels of purchasers for your set up to go one up against competitors.

• Make competition your signboard and you become theirs: You scratch their back. They scratch yours. Generate leads through ‘customer diversion.’ Work out a way with those that provide the same offerings as you - when they don’t have what visitors to their premises are looking for, they forward them to you. You return the favor when you’re in the same situation as them. It’s your opportunity to win people over with your service experience. Do a good job and you’ve done your job of converting a prospect into a customer. Think about it as not beating competition but outgrowing their influence on consumers’ mind.

• Issued in public interest by your company: Be the brains behind an innovative community-centric campaign on the ground. It’s sure to grab your business lots of eyeballs live. Plus, you’ll be in the public eye with some positive publicity on social media, too. There are many viral content-seeking media companies. It’s how you’ll feed them for mutual benefit. If you can design the promotion around your product, even better. Say, if you’re a water pump manufacturer, you can come with an idea about making a water storage tank out of recycled material and get people to sign up to make one for them free of cost. This way, you’ll have your leads. There’s only one way you should look to go from there. Forward.

• Station your business express on e-commerce platforms: Surely, you know the mega e-commerce names in conversation here. Join your business with theirs. You’ll have access to world-class logistical facilities. All you need to do is manage your orders and delivery timelines. Work your way to the right side of the star-ratings scale to make customer reviews and feedbacks your lead-magnet. Leads will come to you by the dozen. Automatically. Probably, it’s the quickest way to take your business pan-country. Even global. Do this in addition to hosting your own website and managing social media pages.

• Befriend lead generation specialists: A model followed by real estate companies and successfully. Adapt it. In perspective, this has nothing to do with real estate brokers and agents. This is about knowing people who are resourceful in terms of contacts. Bargain a quid pro quo with them. Increase the offer with volumes.

They’ll bring the horse to the lake, but to get the horse to drink is your responsibility. Time to take your first steps up the ladder of success.


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