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How to set the right goals for you

Posted on April 28, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
How to set the right goals for you

How to set the right goals for you

“Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there. “ - Bo Jackson

Your goal in life is the ultimate destination you wish to see yourself at. You become starry-eyed thinking about how it’s going to when you reach there. The faster you reach there, the better. What you also have to realize is that the journey isn’t going to be all smooth sailing. There will be bumps and roadblocks. So, you have to plan and re-plan the trip till the end. Here’s a quick guide to keep handy, to help you take diversions from bumpy roads en route your goal.

• Set your destination: First things first, you cannot move ahead without deciding on what you want to take up as a career. This will lay down the path you have to take and how long the journey is going to be. If you’re confused and unable to make up your mind, you can choose more destinations than one, too. Then, finalize along the way where you want to go. It is imperative that you take your pick, so the planning on essentials needed to arrive there can begin.

• Break the journey into checkpoints: This is a simple exercise needed to ensure that you’re on the right track. Mark a period of time and how much you would like to progress by then to achieve your goal. Say, you want to ascend to the Vice President level in the company you work for currently. Have your checkpoints in place for this. How long would you want to give to achieve this? You know, go from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in as much time to and from ‘B’ to ‘C’ in as much. Maybe you’re required to upgrade your qualification to sit in the chair you desire. Or undergo some kind of training that’ll equip you with the needed know-how for the profile. Breaking the journey into checkpoints helps keep you motivated by showing you that you’ve just taken a step closer to the ambition.

• Know when to make pit stops: You’ve also got to be prepared for contingencies that may upset your advancement. A financial emergency can show its ugly face at any time and haunt the dream that you want to live. In such situations, you’ve got to make a pit stop and review things. Can you continue doing what you set out to? Do you need to take few steps back? Well, you may even need to settle for less till you overcome difficulties. It may also lead you to change the course you were treading. Whatever you’ve got to do, avoid making any panic conclusions. Review the situation with a calm head and do what’s best suited to keep the aspiration alive.

• Land at your destination: When you’ve ploughed through in your way to success and become what you wanted to…. Every struggle becomes the checkpoints and the pit stops. Every confusion you had while locking on what you waned to be. When you look back on your journey, it might not have been how you imagined it would. But, in the end one thing’s for sure. It’ll all be worth it. Go ahead, sight your destination and get going.


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