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Posted on May 21, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  


“You can, you should and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.” – Stephen King.

Stephen King might have written this to motivate people to choose to enter into the craft of writing. But this can be applied to any aspect of your life; like positive thinking.

Everyone is capable of thinking positive. Everyone should. And if you’re brave enough to want to create real values in your life, you will!

You might not realize this, but positive thoughts have a much longer and lasting effect on you than a simple plastered smile on your face. Like every other science that exists, the science of positive thinking has effects in all aspects of life, be it work or health. With the work culture getting more and more stressful, and with very little time to even consider a healthy life, positive thinking can go a long way in helping you build skills that outweigh work ethic and persistence.

Unlike the emotion of happiness, once embedded in you, positive thinking is there to stay. When things work out for you, you feel a sense of instant gratification; to yourself, or to the person that made it happen. Everyone is happy when things go their way. But that emotion can as easily be wiped off, when things don’t fall in place. But what does stay, and can work in your favour, is the positive attitude you nurture. In the future, it is not the world of emotions you felt, but the attitude that helped made you feel the way you did, that matters.

• Social skills – The skill to be able to work with and talk to anyone and everyone can only come when you learn to accept people for how they are. In your life, you will find people that are easy and people that are more difficult than anything you’ve possible done. But with a positive attitude, not even a Nazi dictator can make you fall to your knees. You don’t need to sweet talk your way into anything. The thing about a positive attitude it, people can sense it’s aura, and once people come to respect you for it, well, your job is half done.

• Physical skills – A hard day of work can be beat even on the strongest horse. What you need to keep you up and working above the rest, is a positive attitude. The endless cribbing, and ‘no can do’ attitude can put you off work for a bit. But the fact still remains, you need to finish off what you started, and what’s going to help you do it, is well, you got that right; a positive attitude. Once you’ve made up your mind to push yourself and achieve the goal, you’ll be surprised at all the things you can do. You’ll be disappointed in yourself for a bit, for showing the world you had a vulnerable side. But never again will you do it. Lesson learnt!

• Mental capabilities – The skill of autosuggestion is one you develop by constantly re-iterating and revisiting your thoughts. Self-induced suggestion is a self-help guide to avoid self-conflict and increase effectiveness in what you do. Positive thinking is embedded in the belief that ‘any idea exclusively occupying the mind, turns into reality.’

Having said all this, positive thinking is not something that can be enforced. You cannot force someone to think positive. For it to actually have any sort of implications, feeling positive should be a very natural feeling. Doing the things you love, anything that sparks the slightest contentment in you, is a sure way of kindling the fire that is positive thinking!


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