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Posted on May 21, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  


“What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.” – Samuel Johnson. A website is probably your first introduction to your audience and it is paramount that you have a website that makes an impact in its very first viewing, because as they say, first impressions are quiet often the last ones. Having decent content on your site is essential, but having good content is a deliberate choice that you can and should make. With great content, comes great SEO rankings and traffic boost. There are certain things you can do to ensure that search engines pick up your website and turn it into a prosperous, flourishing brand.

• Free food! – All right! Now that we have your attention, we’d like to talk about the importance of a strong headline. A headline is what draws your audience to read the most important things you have to offer them. You see what we did there? You need to do exactly that! Learn to draw your audience to you like a moth to a flame. Because let’s face it, no one actually has time to sit and search what they’re looking for. What they’re actually looking for is for someone to hand them what they want, on a silver platter without having to work too hard for it. And if you’re giving them just that, guess what, you’ve got a fan.

• Moral of the story is – Like all our Aesop’s fables that ended in 20 sentences, ensuring a moral was learnt at the end of it, make sure what you’re offering your audience is equally precise and concise but with your point being put forth elaborately. Words are free, but why waste people’s time, money when you have nothing to say. Content with intent is everlasting.

• Engage. Target locked. Shoot. – No one wants their mood to go from sullen to swollen in the little time they choose spend on your site. Keep your audience engaged with activities, while they wait on your website. Make them want to come back to your website, just because they felt nice and productive about it the last time, if not for anything else. Think ‘the dinosaur game’ on chrome’s homepage, when the internet connection is down!

• Did you come up with that yourself? – If they answer is yes, then your website is already way ahead of its competitors. The best way to stay original is to stay true to yourself. The best writing comes from a place inside you that you can revisit and relate to.

• What’s in it for me? - Why would anyone want to come to your website and read what you have to offer? What do you have that’s of any relevance to anyone on your website? While writing content, make sure you have something to offer to everybody. You never know who can become your greatest audience. Remember, the purpose of your website is to be useful in ways more than one.

• Is that right? – No matter what you post, make sure it’s the truth and nothing but the truth. Posting false claims can make your brand come crashing down before you can even fathom what hit you. Accuracy helps builds trust and there is nothing more important for a brand, than the loyalty of a trusting audience.

• Don’t stop – There is nothing more disappointing to come back to your favorite brand to see they have nothing more to offer you. Keep it fresh and keep it coming, because the only way to keep up the influx of audience, is to let them know you have much more to offer than they can handle.


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