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5 Advantages & Disadvantages of WordPress based Websites

Posted on May 21, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
Advantages & Disadvantages of WordPress based Websites

5 Advantages & disadvantages of WordPress based websites

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There’s competition in the digital space to provide free websites. All that building a website will cost you is choosing the right platform (reference here is to CMS). Among the viewers to deliver the service, one of the most popular is WordPress. For which, you can hire any of the WordPress website development companies or developers that specialize in WordPress jobs to do the work for you. But, you should learn about the advantages and disadvantages of picking WordPress over others first.


•You can get started with the construction of your website using WordPress without getting any WordPress website development companies involved. It doesn’t require too much technical knowledge to do so 

• It’s fast. Even after you begin from scratch, there are plenty of theme options that you can sift through to select the one that appeals to your sense of aesthetic. Saving you time on designing the website

• Amid developers that work on CMS, most focus on performing WordPress jobs. Making more themes and extensions available for it than other platforms. Hence, if you wish to add more features to your website, chances are, an extension maybe readily available or under development

• WordPress websites are pre-optimized for SEO. That’s one headache less for you to bother about • WordPress has an extension to support ecommerce, too. If you’re online store is built on WordPress, there’s WooCommerce to help convert it into a multi vendor marketplace Disadvantages:

• WordPress updates its software frequently to keep bugs and malware at bay. Which means, all extensions that your WordPress website runs need to keep pace with it. Else this clash can impact your website’s usability

• Updating the content on your website may not work to your liking always. Technical glitches that you’re unaware of may cause images, text and videos to not align appropriately. This can be frustrating, especially if you wish to maintain minimum downtime for your website

• There’s a downside to opting from the themes at your disposal on WordPress. Each of those are programmed differently, so if you want to make any changes to the main website, be ready to burn both man-hours and money aplenty

• Your website’s experience maybe hindered. Free access to features is limited to a point, beyond which you’ll need to shell out on subscription plans. Or the purpose of your website might be lost

• WooCommerce slows down when the scale of operations increases. It isn’t capable of handling large databases. So, think about how big you want your ecommerce business to be before opting for WordPress to build it


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