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Take a mini vacation to boost your productivity

Posted on June 7, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
Take a mini vacation to boost your productivity

Take a mini vacation to boost your productivity 

When the thought of a vacation crosses your mind, know that you have to take a break. It may be a mini getaway but it’s necessary. Consider the break as a maintenance exercise for the machine called the brain, which too needs a cool down period to function at its productive best. In fact, even science backs this up: a research done on how often should one find his/her escape route from work pegs the time period at every 3-4 months. And it comes with its share of benefits, too. Here are a few that bosses should pay careful attention to the next time they have to approve requests for a leave.

• Makes the mind a better place to think in: Even the mind has its limitations in terms of how hard it can be pushed. Being pressured constantly to fulfill responsibilities does take its toll at the end of the day. Then comes a phase when you’re ‘blocked’. Which means, you lose your capacity to take pragmatic decisions. The brain refuses to produce any output. And this spells disaster for achieving your goals in time. Taking a mini vacation will cut out the supply of work-related thoughts and the various pressures that come along as side serves. Go on, let off some steam and you’ll be raring to go again.

• Travel = learning: Learning happens through many ways. To each his own. One of the most effective methods of attaining new knowledge is traveling. The more you travel, the more you experience. The more you experience, the richer your supply of information. This can be your aid in problem solving. Suppose, you’ve been stuck on a project for quite a while. Unable to see a way forward, you’re exhausted. In such a situation, taking a break will be a boon. Among all the experiences that you’ll soak in during the mini vacation, surely there’ll be a few that’ll bail you out. So, take a holiday to keep your productivity alive.

• Sharing your acquired insights with the team improves work overall efficiency: Coming back from a vacation is the time to narrate your tales. And this will not be a waste of time, if you share the meaningful insights of your journey with the team. When you share knowledge, you as well as your team grows. They’ll ask you questions, which will make you think. You’ll grasp even more. Plus, you’ll also help better their ability to analyse and handle situations. Overall, the equation is simple: when the team improves, work efficiency improves, too. And the productivity quotient will be much higher. Yet another point in favor of taking a mini vacation to deliver value to organizations.

A mini-vacation is the perfect way to restore the parity between work and life. Not only will you find time for yourself but also will return enriched.

Hence, organizations shouldn’t consider employees taking time offs as a drop in productivity but look at the broader picture, i.e., the advantages that follow when personnel are given timely breaks.


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