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Why Startups Need a Strong Vision.

Posted on June 14, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
Startups Need a Strong Vision.

Why Startups Need a Strong Vision.

A startup is someone’s dream brought alive. For that dream to grow bigger, one needs to embark on a well-defined path. In other words, a new set up needs a strong vision to become a fruitful venture, possibly even a unicorn. For the sake of our understanding of the importance of a strong vision, let’s take an example. That is, comparing the growth map of a startup with the process of turning a newly planted sapling into a sturdy tree.

• Planting it in the right place: First things first, a sapling must be planted in the right place. One that is conducive to its growth, like a spot in a fertile piece of land where sunlight is well received. Which means, a startup has to do business in the right industry. One that is projected to grow steadily over the years, not an industry that is a boom-and-gone. Ideally, people who’ve experienced an industry for a while to realize the service gaps should take the leap into the world of entrepreneurship. As they’ll have the necessary vision to create a long-term impact with their offering.

• Timely watering and manure provisions: Now, planting a sapling at a fertile land doesn’t mean it’ll mature automatically. It needs to be taken good care of, too, with timely feeds of water and manure. Likewise, one of the principal pointers in a strong vision for a startup must be to ensure a timely feed of finance and other relevant resources. A compromise on these can stunt growth. May be even lead to a premature shop-shutting. Promoters should have a plan in place for raising funds as and when needed. Also, they need to be able to convince banks and/ or venture capitalists to part with their money.

• Time-to-time trimming: A sapling cannot be allowed to grow wildly. It has to be trimmed from time to time so that it can develop perfectly. The same is the case with a startup, too. Its progress shouldn’t come on the back of losses. Agreed, a strong vision focuses on progress. But during the progression phase, sometimes, the staffing requirements are not defined clearly, which can cause overstaffing. However, to secure a smooth passage for the company to the next level some hard decisions must be made. Retrenchment of staff must be done if deemed necessary. This also holds true for withdrawing from markets where functioning has become an also run.

• A gardener who knows the task well: Lastly, it all boils down to how well the gardener knows to perform the job at hand. He/she is the guardian of the sapling and must know the timing of what’s to be done when. The smallest of lapse in carrying out responsibility can be an invitation to disaster. Translated to business, the CEO is akin to a gardener. The organization must have a levelheaded leader pulling the reins. The one who has a clear vision and absolutely no doubt about where he/she wants to take the establishment.

A vision is a direction and the business has to be steered in the correct one. It takes a strong effort to see a sapling turn into a robust tree, like it takes a strong vision to turn a startup into a success story.


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