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Benefits of applying for work through Online Portals

Posted on June 25, 2016   by Team FlexiPort  
applying for work through Online Portals

Benefits of applying for work through Online Portals

A portal by definition is a large opening. Web portals are no different. They’re large openings for opportunities. It’s universally known that in the world of freelancing, chances don’t come by easily. Hence, applying for potential assignments through online portals has its own benefits that make life a bit easier for those who’ve made contractibility a way of professional life.

• Saying no to dependence – At most times, freelancers are dependent on a few clients for work. Ones with whom they share a good rapport and a long-standing association. But sometimes even these clients don’t have much work to offer. Leading to a mini financial crisis in a freelancer’s life. Applying for projects through online portals helps freelancers break free from this dependence. Plus, web portals can be a source of regular income with an option to choose which client to approach and which not to, depending upon the scope of work on offer.

• Trying hand at related jobs – Scouting online portals for work also gives freelancers the advantage of trying their hand at projects related to their core competency. Say, a freelancer specializes in the skill of copywriting. He/ she can give content writing or blog writing a shot as both are disciplines of writing. This can be a break from the routine and a creatively refreshing experience. In the outside world, related jobs are fewer than those for focused skills. So freelancers find it difficult to try something new yet related to their area of expertise.

• Clear negotiations – When clients post a job on web portals, they mention its pay scale and delivery timeline alongside. Also, freelancers seeking jobs mention their compensation and deliverability in their profiles. So freelancers can apply only for jobs that fit their monetary and schedule needs perfectly. Which means, there’s no ambiguity in project negotiation. Freelancers can get to work immediately without having to sweat over contract terms and conditions. Saving time and increasing efficiency.

• Apply from anywhere to anywhere – Freelancing is all about freedom. And freedom is inherent when looking up assignments on web portals. One doesn’t need to be physically present in the city from where the work comes. He/ she can apply for work from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Of course, freelancers need to be careful about the deliverability aspect. But if that can be managed, there’s no need to be tied down to a place to get the work done.

• Make a name: This is, perhaps, the most important benefit of using web portals by freelancers to find jobs. They earn client ratings for each project and their overall rating for all projects is made public on their profiles. Which means, freelancers have a chance of making a name for themselves with their work.

Once they’ve become famous for what they do best, they can demand a premium fee and there will clients flocking to them at a single hint of their availability. Web portals are a boon for freelancers and should be made optimum use of to progress careers.


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