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Transitioning From A Full-time Job To Freelancing? Here’s What You Need To Do!

Posted on December 21, 2014   by FlexiPort Team  
Full time job to freelancing

 The security of a full-time job and earning a fair and constant sum of money at the end of every month is not one that is easy to part with. It requires guts to actually quit full time work to start out on your own or to become a full time freelancer. However, without risk there can be no success!

When it comes to transitioning from a full-time job to freelancing, there are several things you should keep in mind. You must firstly understand what freelancing is all about. A freelancer is someone who gets paid to do certain work for companies. A freelancer will not benefit from employee perks because a freelancer is not a full time employee of the said company or any company. Furthermore in today’s times freelancers come by the dozen. It is a competitive market. To get ahead, you have to really know your subject well and be street smart enough to actually get the kind of work that can sustain you, financially. Here are two things you should work on initially:

Setting up a routine 

In the beginning, a freelancer will realize that he or she has a lot of time on hand. That is because they haven’t set up a proper work routine yet. Do not let the fact that you are not going to an office all the time spoil you. Learn to set a work routine on your own. Dedicate a few hours to completing assignments given to you by companies so that you can meet deadlines. And stay committed to your work. Spend the first few hours of the day on working on assignments and then maybe you can take a break. Spend the latter part of the day pitching for new work.

Investment required

Ensure you have savings to sustain you initially. Once you get a proper flow of work, it is easy. But till you do, till you build a reputation for yourself, your savings and investments will guide you. The initial investment required to turn into a freelancer will depend on your core area of work. In most cases, investing in a place to work from (rent / home is fine too), a computer and reliable internet connection will be required.

Things to follow

Once the basics are in place, try to ensure you follow a system or procedure. To be successful, you should create a network of clients, follow deadlines, charge appropriate prices and set-up a process. Plan your work methodology way before you take up freelancing so that you don’t waste time once you actually begin.


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