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How Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Sales?

Posted on February 17, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
How Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Sales?

Case Study 1: Coca Cola

Despite being the world’s largest beverage company and having spent millions on advertising, Coca Cola failed to understand why they lacked the connect when it came to Australia.

Summer of 2013 brought in a wave of change when they harnessed the power of social media and launched a brand new campaign called “Share a Coke”.

Coke replaced their celebrity-heavy ads with 150 most common custom-printed Australian names on the Coke bottles. This sparked a sharing frenzy across Australia’s online generation and became one of their most successful campaigns which was later launched in many other countries.

Result: 7% increase in sales; 870% increase in traffic on their Facebook page.

Case Study 2: Tanishq

With 160 stores in 80 cities, Tanishq is the most established jewelry brand best known for their pure gold quality.

Next on the plan was to conquer the online generation and get customers into their chain of stores through Facebook which will help them sharp target their audience.

Tanishq launched innovative carousel ads that displayed some of their most stunning pieces on Facebook. These ads had a “Shop Now” call-to-action button that directed customers to their website and gave them a discount coupon redeemable in stores.

Result: 3 times higher return on ad investments; 30% increase in in-store sales among 25-44 year olds.

Digital marketing has the power to boost sales for big, established businesses as well as new startups and independent workers. Are you thinking your company is too small for Digital marketing to help? The following research will surprise you:


  •  81% shoppers research online before purchasing (retailingtoday)

  •  60% shoppers begin with research on a search engine (retailingtoday)

  •  61% shoppers rely on product reviews before purchasing (econsultancy)

Digital marketing, apart from popularizing your brand, extends the convenience of product knowledge to customers along with all the other details about warranty, pricing, upcoming sales/discounts, availability, and shipping and return policies, as well as reviews and feedback from other customers that even stating payment ease and security. All this helps re-instill trust in your brand.



Here’s how Digital marketing can boost your sales:


1. Expands your reach – The power of Digital marketing can only be limited by your ambitions. Established businesses as well as independent professionals and consultants should use SEO strategies to promote their business. Use more and relevant keywords to optimize the searches and increase the number of hits. Use ads and pop-ups to increase online visibility and brand promotion.

2. Builds relationships Digital marketing doesn’t end at online ads to increase your customer base. Use it to establish a relationship and retain your customers. For example, send a confirmation/thanking email after a purchase; send them discount coupon and encourage them to leave a product review. Start a blog page to showcase your products and other product-relevant information that will increase the visits. Ask them to leave a feedback/comment to get a conversation started.

3. Increases your knowledge of customers – An interesting agenda of Digital marketing is to collect customer data and know what they are buying, how often do they buy, and what parameters sets them to buy it. Use this information to your advantage and position your brand, products and services accordingly and create ads that focus on your target audience. And because you already know what they are looking for, your ad will hit their primed minds, thereby increasing its effectiveness. The chances of purchase will be high granting you a better return on your investment.


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