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5 Things Independent professionals should Consider when Renting a Workspace

Posted on March 1, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
5 Things Independent professionals should Consider when Renting a Workspace

Independent work gives us the flexibility to work from home, coffee shop or an office space. And while our homes or coffee shops grant us a stress-free and relaxed venue to work, an office space offers a more office-like and professional ambience that we need to focus better and run the business more productively. So if are a successful or an aspiring independent worker in India, looking to rent a workspace for your business, here are some points to help you pick the right one:


1) Type of workspaceTo begin with, decide on the type of office space you are looking for. This should be based on your business needs and team size. The options vary from private serviced offices to shared or coworking workspaces.

A private serviced office is a well-furnished workspace with world-class facilities and services, bespoke fittings, a management team and receptionist in place for all logistical and administrative support. It is the most convenient option for any business, particularly for established independent workers working with either larger teams or with confidential profiles.



A shared or coworking workspace, on the other hand, has more of a community feel with the same world-class features and services. With people from different backgrounds sharing the work floor, a coworking workspace allows room for networking and interacting. This is ideal for independent workers and consultants in India who are at the starting-up side of the bridge. Plus, it is economical as you pay according to usage. 


2) Facilities and amenities: Though the serviced workspaces offer a list of services, ensure to check for the basic facilities like fast internet, WiFi broadband, phones and faxes, scanners and printers, uninterrupted power supply, etc., and basic amenities like functional washrooms, fire alarms/exits, first-aid kit, parking space, kitchen/cafeteria access. Also, ensure the security against data theft, as well as for your belongings and self. Many independent workers prefer working at late hours, so your workspace must have 24x7 access.


3) Rental cost: Cost maintenance is key for any business, and independent workers are usually on a tight budget. So, while selecting the workspace, check for the inclusive facilities, services, taxes and any additional costs. Most coworking and shared workspaces have a pay-by-the-hour policy. This way you only pay according to what you use – a 2-hour meeting room or the 6-hour training hall – and not for the entire day.  


4) Location: Property consultant experts say that your workspace should be near transport links, therefore, while picking a workspace, ensure that the location is easily commutable to not only you but to your employees and clients as well. We understand the importance of “sticking-to-the-budget” for independent workers, but don’t scrimp in the name of cost saving. 

Also, it is advised that the workspace is centrally located to the city and is a part of a business park or a popular commercial spot. This way, all you independent professionals will have a better networking access to the business world which will boost your business prestige. 



5) Office layout: The design and ambience of the workspace should reflect your work ethics, company vision, and style. Design experts say that the layout and functionality of the workspace are critical factors that make a productive, effective and visually appealing workspace. 


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