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Why gender diversity at the workplace?

Posted on May 17, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
Why gender diversity at the workplace?

Gender diversity is a term, which means giving equal importance to both men and women in the workplace. Also referred to as “Gender Equality”, incorporating this work culture in organizations will be an add-on to the company’s bottom line results. Many organizations adopt latest technology and innovative processes to manage teams, yet one area that has been overlooked in organizations, is probing gender inequity. Focusing on this specific aspect is essential, as the productivity and effectiveness relies on the way an organization treats its employees.

The objectives of gender equality and diversity are simple: to ensure that everyone has access to the same opportunities and the same, fair treatment.

It is clear to state that we all deserve to work in an environment that’s free from discrimination, harassment, victimization, and bullying, but then again, tactlessly; this is not always the reality once you begin to research behind the acts of a corporate.

What’s important to note is, not always will you realise that your organizations policies and processes are contradicting and do not allow certain people access to equal opportunities. You could not be vigorously disallowing people of a certain gender, race or religion, but on closer examination, you might start to spot hidden barriers that inadvertently do so.

Years back, gender equality was considered quite an alien term as achievements of established companies were attributed to ‘men’s teamwork’. The scenario is changing gradually since companies have started realizing the fact that to reap the benefits and success, it is very important to have a diverse workforce. 

Research suggests that when compared to single gender teams, gender diverse teams perform better. There are several reasons which are now imploring companies to maintain gender diversity at a workplace, few of which are discussed below:-

  • Typically, men and women perceive a situation or problem from different viewpoints and come up with solutions accordingly. Thus the organization can benefit from varied creative ideas and in-depth insights, which can ultimately lead to superior performance.

  • With a gender-diverse workforce, the company can expand its customer base and offer better services.  

  • A gender-balanced team brings with it greater industry knowledge and helps the company access more resources, as well as multiple channels of information.

  • By maintaining gender equality at the workplace the company can create a pool of dedicated, qualified and talented women employees who play the significant role in taking the business forward.

  • In a gender diverse workplace, good morale always leads to a healthy work culture where employees motivate each other to perform at a high level.

  • It always makes good business sense to hire women in leading roles, especially in countries where they are presently under-represented as the strategy ensures higher return-on-investment.

If you dynamically promote equality and workforce diversity, then your business will flourish and people of all qualifications and backgrounds can come together and attain accomplishment. For these above and other reasons, it is always important for organizations to make the gender diversity as a priority.

What should an organization do?

Initially, companies should engage with employees and give them the opportunity to unleash their knowledge, skills and implement the innovative ideas, which can drive an organization forward. Secondly, if one wants to achieve the real benefits of the gender diversity, an organization should carefully handle the gender balance, which leads to better business performance in certain business units.

To conclude, the gender diversity is not just something that is the burden to the human resources professionals. When it is implemented, an organization will gain a meaning full results, including talented personnel, enhanced performance, and profits. The gender-equality strategy at the workplace shouldn’t be looked upon as a burden which puts HR professionals in a tight spot. Rather, it should be concocted in a meaningful manner to bring in more talented employees, which in turn would boost performance and morale at a workplace. Therefore, to maximize productivity and minimize legal hassles it is always advisable to ensure that the workplace is rightly represented by both genders. 


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