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Your startup needs digital media hacks for business growth

Posted on May 18, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
Your startup needs digital media hacks for business growth

If you have been struggling to get on with business after the angel funding, it could be something to do with the lack of social media skills. It won’t be easy to adopt, but the following can re-shape the business model and even enhance the way you perform.

Somestart up entrepreneurs believe in raw hacking powers-maverick out of the box marketing solutions. Let’s start with a catch 22- for a startup what is dearer: marketing or money? Like many struggling entrepreneurs would agree, there is no easy card. Yet, the smarter ones choose the fertile ground-a digital hack. Yes, it’s more about innovation and less about currency. If this sounds dreamlike; wake up! Millions of social media users are greedy for more. Their hunger is for fresh content and startups strive for it visibly. It certainly does not need Einstein’s calculation to merge the two. Learn the permutation and combination secrets of conclusive digital hacks.

Embrace Social media

It’s shortest and quickest way to customer’s heart.

Social media is the sunrise of our existence. Viral success on social media platforms is the most powerful reflex every startup needs. A single successful stroke and your startup may be attuned with loyal customers in a jiffy. You Tube, Face book, Instagram and Twitter are all wonderful stadiums for a standing ovation from online audience; the insane traffic instantly takes a startup to smart phones of millions. Though it’s wildly competitive space, quirky content is the touchstone.


Content courtship

Content comes with a short expiry date- Freshness is the secret.

Let’s face it, with such astronomical volume of data available online, viewers have a very short attention span. Clearly, followers need a very good reason to remain loyal. When expectationsare met with fresh and interesting content regularly,the courtship grows. When something really interesting pops up viewers are happy to spare a moment and click the share and subscribe buttons. Entertainment, latest product information, live feedbacks threads rock hacking maneuvers.

Focus on selected few social channels. These should be related to target audience and with updateswhich dazzle with newness every day. Too much and too soon across as many social media platforms is a risky sport. It could lead to a burn out. Delivering eyeball-grabbing content needs meticulous strategy and intelligent implementation. So the age-old rule slow and steady applies here too!

Think definite results

Paid advertisements are tried and tested hacks.

Google and social media advertising, if executed sharply and smartly pay great dividends. Greasing your presence in a dominant search engine like Google, visually attractive platforms like Instagram &Pinterest and social media like Facebook &Twitter simply means exposure to a vast pool of users. Keyword specific promotion would mean potential customers searching for business similar to yours get to view your website. Further it can be streamlined with specific locations, time and online trend of relevant viewers.

Website is still the master

A user friendly website is the prime requirement.

All online marketing strategies need to bring users to the website. Once they hit the URL it’s essential to greet them with a wonderfully designed and fully informative website. The window of your business must becarefully designed also for mobile applications. It still holds the epicenter of success of anysuccessful digital hack.


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