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Are you pro-am or pro-pm independent blogger?

Posted on May 25, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
Are you pro-am or pro-pm independent blogger?

The rise of ‘Gig economy’ & independent workstations has re-written rules for all bloggers. It does not matter when the lights are switched on or off; you need to find your mojo for creating blockbuster blogs. 

The flexi-style work economy allows professionals to curate their own journey independent of time zones. Does it really help to be pro-am or pro pm to create the desired impact on targeted community? 

1. Did you know that about 77% of net users read blogs of their interest?

2. If your company employs a blogger the website will get 55% visitors after reading

3. It takes about 30 regular blogs to get an increase of readership by 30%.

Now you know when to pen down the thoughts and publish to get the maximum readership in your own time. Depending on being pro-am or pro-pm you may come in the category of any of these 5 types of bloggers.


1. Flexible or alternative schedules - It makes way for deciding the time to start and end the work. It isn’t the 9 to 5 platform, which is clocked by the hour every week.  It reduces commuting during peak hours and more relaxed way to work from home or office. It works for small and medium companies.


2. Flexible location to work from - It’s great for working mothers when they are able to set the rhythm to the baby’s needs. It allows anyone to work early mornings or late at night when the crows and cows have gone home. 


3. Compressed work timings - Many young workers moonlight. They work in a regular office during the day and then work late at night for 4 nights a week. These are night owls who know the blogs can be published late at night for readers to savour the next morning. Or it could be the other way round. 


4Have you heard about job sharing - Yep, this is promising. Part time employees do it often. Have you not heard of the clerk who waits in the restaurants every evening? He returns to the day job without the sleep. He is simply blogging away in the day enriched with experiences. 

5. Result oriented work - Few bloggers come in this category. They are only answerable to themselves and the readers. Many PR writers work at odd times but ensure that the content is available to the audience on time.

How gig culture triumphs

No boss to report, no legal contract to bind, least investment.

As there are always two sides of the coin, so is the case with flexitime work. On one hand, there is no need to report to a boss… not even you.  The investment is also the low-an Internet connection, laptop and time to decide. On the flip side, the income is not regular and there is no social security. Hence, registering on a portal that provides a platform to work is important. It can be accessed 24 x 7 for gigs.  Everything works on trust and despite there is no limit of time, the work needs to be done to satisfy the client.

One way to get your mojo into this 24-x7 cycle is to decide what works for you-AM or PM. Experiment and then stick to it. Whether you wish to be an early worm or the wise owl, it's in your hands. 


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