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Freelancers Who Have Made It Big

Posted on June 29, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
Freelancers Who Have Made It Big

The working scenario is constantly growing and changing. With the evolution of technology, industry and flexible working environments, freelancing has become an evolved career choice.

 And why not? Freelance jobs give an autonomy to the individual. You are your own boss, working on your own terms. With flexible hours and complete payment benefits, freelancing is increasingly becoming a  preferred job lifestyle.

 We have a set of success stories to look up to. With Flexiport, let's learn what these stalwarts did right and shot to fame, as freelancers.


1. Naveed Ali

When 12-hour work days left him dissatisfied, tired and with little time to spare, Naveed realised it was time to change. He stumbled across a platform for freelancers and got his maiden project as a graphic designer. His first project earned him a hundred dollars in a day's work.

Impressed with the perks that freelancing presented, Naveed eventually resigned from his day job. He soon set up his own company, Crea8iveDesign and got four designers on board. The company is flourishing today, as a team of freelance designers.


2. Cyan and Collis Ta'eed

Their story is a testimony to the fact that freelancers can become millionaires through dedicated effort, grit and determination. Freelance web designers at first, Collis and Cyan teamed up to co-found Envato. Envato offers a wide range of services from website design to branding activities, in addition to providing tutorials.

With a revenue of about a million dollars, Envato is a leading platform for tutorials today.



3. The Man Himself - Nana Patekar

It is a little-known fact that Nana Patekar also started his career as a freelancer. A true artist, he loved to paint and paid his college fees from his freelance assignments.

Even though he has moved onto cinema now- and pretty much owned that space- his story began as a freelancer.


4. Contemporary Legends

While we're looking at famous people who grew through freelancing, it's interesting to note that a few personalities adored by today's population also started out as freelancers. Alan Rickman, an arts graduate ventured into acting thanks to the flexibility that freelancing provided. It is said that Stephen King also started his career as a freelance copywriter for a local newspaper. 

Freelancing goes as far back as the time of Tom Sawyer. That's right- Mark Twain was also a freelance writer for a significant duration of time.


5. Brian Wong

Gamification in advertising was an innovative idea launched by Brian Wong through Kiip, a mobile app that helps companies award their clients for "virtual achievements".

Wong started his career as a designer and worked as a freelancer for a range of clients until he realised how innovative the mobile interface can be.


What makes a freelancer's life relatively simpler is a platform to showcase their talent and sign up clients. Flexiport is one such platform that allows for a completely free membership for a budding freelancer. Sign up on our platform now and get started. 


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