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How Web Portals Facilitate Healthy Communication In A Working Community

Posted on July 11, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
How Web Portals Facilitate Healthy Communication In A Working Community

Communication can never be overrated. When a group of professionals is committed to one single objective, it is imperative to facilitate healthy communication among them.

Web portals that help freelancers and consultants land projects with various firms understand this need for interaction. We, at FlexiPort, want to build a community of professionals as well as foster mutual growth for our registered firms. With this aim in mind, we have designed several features on our platform. Making apt use of these features will build a calm, peaceful and organized working environment for you.

1. Inbuilt Messaging Service - Easily accessible from your dashboard, we have an inbuilt messaging service to facilitate easy exchange of information between you and your clients. It is even possible to send text messages to the individual you are working with.

2. An Exhaustive Member Directory - Looking for the best fit for your project profile? FlexiPort provides an option to search for individuals matching your specific requirements. Candidates who choose to communicate through their profile have an upper hand- the better the profile, the higher are the chances to be featured in the member directory.

3. Transparent Project Profiles - FlexiPort provides comprehensive details to a service provider, as posted by a service seeker.  FlexiPort encourages work providers to post clear project descriptions that are manually verified. A project posted on this portal requires a description of the company, project as well as the type. Here is how you can apply to projects that interest you!

4. Service Posting Facility - Communicate to service seekers by describing the kind of project you can do, with the right number of details. Interested parties can access your details and present a proposal, based on which an engaging project can be added to your kitty.

5. A Portfolio That Speaks For You - With the FlexiFolio, you can create a personalized web page that is all about your accomplishments, experiences, and preferences. With this web page, prospective clients can have a complete understanding of your skill set and approach you with better offers. 

FlexiPort aims to create a community for professionals and encourages healthy interaction through these methods. We understand just how much brainstorming goes into every project- and know that sharing ideas, plans and feedback are immensely helpful in growing together. 


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