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Finding, Choosing And Retaining Clients

Posted on December 21, 2014   by FlexiPort Team  

 One of the greatest challenges any service provider or freelancer would face is generating an adequate number of clients to fuel business. If you have just started out as a freelancer, it is important to charter out your course of action. You need to plan your finances, your service procedures and a plan to get in clients. Here are some basic tips that may help you,

Finding clients

When it comes to finding clients, things are a lot easier in today’s digital age. You can create your profile onFlexiPort or market yourself through a website of your own online. Try to target potential companies that require freelance services. You will have to talk about what you can do for them and how your work will benefit them.

Referrals work well too. If a known client refers you to another, it is always easier to bag a project. Build your reputation, meet deadlines and increase your network. Focus on these steps initially to try and bag clients.

Choosing clients

Once you are in the flow, it will be easy to get clients however, you have to learn to be picky too. Do not accept to work for every client that comes your way. Pick clients based on the kind of work they are willing to give you, the payment conditions they follow and of course the flexibility involved.

Always run a brief background check on potential clients. If a particular potential client is known to delay payments or be too stringent when it comes to work processes, then maybe it is better not to work for them. As a freelancer, the onus is on you to some extent.

Retaining clients

Your objective should be to retain good clients, those who pay well and those you have build a rapport with. Once you have a fair number of constant clients, your work is cut out for you and you will have a constant in-flow of funds. In order to retain clients, work hard the initial few months, build a reputation and create a bond.


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