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Freelancers – Five Points to Success

Posted on December 29, 2017   by Team FlexiPort  
Freelancers – Five Points to Success

Creating a resume is a tricky thing, even for someone who’s steadily on a career curve. The freelancer doesn’t have it so easy.

To acquire a project, a freelancer needs to go an extra mile to present himself as a potential candidate. He needs to grab attention, get the pitch perfect, and when someone deep dives, present his capabilities, skills and accomplishments in a structured organized manner. The freelancer, remember, is also marketing himself to a customer, to acquire his next project and revenue.

So what makes for a perfect resume for a freelancer, and how do they acquire projects and customers? Team Flexiport spoke to over a 100 freelancers to collect the following five tips for a successful representation from them.


1. Get a Website

Most freelancers swear by getting themselves a website with their own domain name, or their blog, where they share various knowledge points related to their skill and domain. They also use these to present some of the work they have done, where permitted by client, share testimonials and so on.


2. Present testimonials that can be verified independently

The surest way for someone to say a freelancer is good, is to have a customer vouch for them, and then take it one step further by providing access to that customer when do requested for. This not only substantiates a high level of commitment, but also opens up a higher comfort zone for a potential customer to engage with you.


3. Use Digital Marketing Extensively

Most freelancers who do great work, often market themselves and their achievements and accomplishments smartly. They present not only work done, but also go a long way in helping people who are looking for talent beyond the regular zones, finding a freelancer.


4. Engage in helping the community

There is an entire community of people out there in the same space that a freelancer is in, working in the same skill and domain areas. Working with such a community, helping people solve problems they may have, helps reinforce expertise and knowledge credentials.


5. Go Social

A good freelancer networks extensively in social spaces, not just on the work front but also generally. This helps a freelancer grow their sphere of influence. Social media is also a good point for those trying to understand a freelancer from a testimonial perspective. Besides, it’s fun to engage with people away from work too, right? 


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