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Importance of Building Relationships for Freelancers

Posted on March 1, 2018   by Team FlexiPort  
Importance of Building Relationships for Freelancers
Being a freelancer isn't as easy as it sounds. It brings along the need for several qualities including competitive skills, strategies to market yourself, good contacts and time management skills. An assignment in hand has to be completed in the committed time which further enhances the scope of getting more assignments. Every aspect plays an important role in being a successful self-employed professional. 

All the aforementioned qualities are very well-known by most of the freelancers except for one thing - Building Relationships. Not that people don't know this but mostly they tend to ignore its importance and stay focussed on marketing themselves more and more to get new client after completion of every assignment. Well, marketing yourself is important but staying in touch with the clients you have worked with in the past is equally crucial in the long run. 

When I say building relationships, there could be various ways to do that. Amidst a task, if you come across a query, never hesitate to email or text the client regarding it. Occasionally, do not miss the chances to go for a coffee with the client which won't just enhance your professional relationship but will also help in building a long-lasting personal relationship. And, believe me, personal relationships play a vital role in widening your reach as a freelancer in the market. A dinner with the client after successful completion of a project could be a way to tell him/her how pleased you are to work with them.

As many successful business-holders believe, marketing through word of mouth is one the best ways to spread the reach. And it can be achieved by showing your clients that not just your services but even you are pleasant. 

This relation building habit benefits in surprising ways. While working on a project, you may need such kind of resources which you don't have, and this is the time when your built contacts come to your aid. However, that doesn't mean you develop a relationship with a purpose in mind. Building relationships shouldn't be only considered as a strategy to grow in the business but also a human nature expected to be possessed by everyone. 


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