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Challenges Faced By Modern Freelancers

Posted on March 8, 2018   by Team FlexiPort  
Challenges Faced By Modern Freelancers

With the growing popularity and adaptability of freelancing, the challenges which come with it are also on the rise. Not just the number of freelancers is increasing but a huge number of businesses have also started relying on the freelancers. The self-employed professionals these days, who have effective marketing skills and expertise, get a huge number of clients but with the vast client line up come unprecedented challenges which the full-time employees never get to experience.

Here are some of the challenges which modern day freelancers have started experiencing frequently.


Fluctuating workload: It seldom happens that a novice freelancer is flooded with assignments. Generally, only those who have been in the market for long receive consistent assignments every month. A fresher is bound to experience a bulk of assignments in a month and scarcity in the other and this might result in demotivation and impatience in the easy-going months. Such times have to be tackled strongly.


Varying Income: Fluctuating workload ultimately results in varying income which might be yet another reason for getting frustrated. A month spent well in terms of income may give rise to expectations from the coming days. When these expectations aren't met, you may start admiring the full-time officials with the stable income. However, dips and crest are a major part of freelancing which you shouldn't forget.


Increased Responsibilities: An organization has a specialized individual for every task which distributes the workload of projects. Working alone demands you to do the things you don't specialize in. These might include handling the bank formalities, quality checking your task, documentation etc.. These extra tasks don't just utilize a lot of time but also disturb your focus towards the main task. Lack of Holidays: When a project is in hand, all a freelancer has in his/her mind is to finish the assignment as soon as possible. Or, it could be the client who is in a hurry to receive the work. In such cases, you are forced to work seven days a week, perhaps even during festivals when there are public holidays. These could be the times when it is extremely challenging to stay focused.


Hindrance to Personal Life: While working and earning as a freelancer, you should never forget those for whom we work diligently. Many busy freelancers witness this problem of having a disturbed personal life, especially people who are married. Often, the family members who work as full-time employees fail to understand the freelance lifestyle which might give rise to internal clashes.


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