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Best apps for freelancers to reduce time and effort.

Posted on March 15, 2018   by Team FlexiPort  
Best apps for freelancers to reduce time and effort.

Freelancers can be called as 'solo warriors' and you know why. Apart from having the skills which yield all the business and money, freelancers have to do the extra tasks for which there are specialized professionals in companies. From doing the follow-ups for payment to marketing the services, he is an accountant as well as the marketing head of his/her own business.

You may wonder how some freelancers’ do everything single handed? Thanks to the brainy developers around the world, there are various applications available which come in handy for freelancers in reducing time and efforts of complicated tasks. Mentioned below are some of them.



There's a saying 'time is money' which is perfectly true for freelancers. The intense workload demands perfect management of time. The RescueTime app keeps track of time spent on everything you do on your machine. With the help of this app, freelancers make sure they aren't hanging out on Facebook during work hours.



When there is so much to do, you are bound to forget a few things. But if a freelancer has TeuxDeux installed, chances come down to zero that even a single task will be missed. Just make your to-do list on TeuxDeux and keep track of everything you aren't supposed to forget.



This app is highly beneficial for those who frequently need to make documents or presentations. While saving the high cost required to purchase Microsoft Office, you get all the features for free in OpenOffice. May it be drafting documents, generating spreadsheets or creating impressive presentations, OpenOffice is genuinely open for everyone.


Zen Writer

Every freelance writer should try this at least once. Writing requires distractions to vanish and Zen Writer does exactly that. It clears out all the icons on the screen while you write and the background of the document could be selected by you. The best part is, a silent and pleasing melody plays continuously in the background.



When it comes to storing your data in the cloud storage, Dropbox has been the most adopted among all. And, it is obvious. By simple drag-and-drop function, one can sync all their files on all their devices which keep them from the hassle of hunting for the perfect place to store their documents and files.



Wouldn't it be great if there's someone who calls you to remind you of a crucial task? We seldom have someone like this. Worry not. BetterBuzzer calls you on important dates which you select in its calendar to remind you of an important task. It alerts you similar to the phone calls and you need to pick it up to make it stop ringing. Could be disturbing at times but is useful.


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