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Why should you choose co-working space over home?

Posted on March 22, 2018   by Team FlexiPort  
 co-working space

The thought of freelancing gives rise to a lot of excitement and joy. No more pestering from the boss, no more deadlines and no restrictions on working hours. We expect the true sense of liberty in freelancing.

Many freelancers work from home but to do that, a set of conditions stand firm in their way. The family in the house shouldn't be disturbing, the residential area should be a bit peaceful, the internet connection in the area has to be uninterrupted all the time and many more. People even find it cumbersome to work if they are located near the airport. When these hurdles exist, the best option remains to rent a desk in a co-working space. But, why is it considered as the best option? There are a few reasons for it.


Work-life Separation

Home gives you the relaxation to work whenever you want which often results in extremely long working hours. This keeps you from maintaining the necessary separation between personal and professional life. On the other hand, having a dedicated place to work which is away from home maintains the gap between profession and the life out of it. After all, receiving the client email notification on the laptop while relaxing on the bed might make you regret being a freelancer. 


Awareness of Competition

When you start working in a co-working space, it is obvious a majority fellow members around will be the same as you, freelancers. This not only widens your contacts but also motivates you to push harder by acting as a reminder that there are many competitors in the market. Staying in the enclosure of the home limits your thinking spectrum and refrains you from pushing your limits. 


Provides Essentials

Co-working space offers the necessary facilities for undertaking client meetings in a hall or conference room, projector, internet which are all added benefits other than a place to work. Most of the spaces also consist of an in-house cafeteria which reduces your hassle of ordering a coffee from outside. Working off home forces you to rush out in a coffee shop or a restaurant for a meeting and traveling to places only makes for distraction from work and waste of time.


Prevents Distractions

Reduced distraction at co-working spaces is yet another perk for improving productivity. We have family at home and it is inevitable that they will talk to us while being around. On the contrary, people at co-working spaces understand each other's privacy and focus and do not keep interrupting you amidst an important task.


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