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Time Management strategies of successful freelancers

Posted on March 29, 2018   by Team FlexiPort  
Time Management strategies of successful freelancers

There's an ancient saying 'time is money' which holds true when it comes to freelance work. With a heap of tasks to do in minimal time, a freelancer can goof up and end up taking double the expected time for a job. This not only translates into the rejection of other new assignments but also disappoints the client hampering your relation in the long run.

With that being the scenario, it is obvious that the freelancers who have touched the peaks of success have an amazing quality of managing time effectively. They know a thing or two about completing the projects in not just the least time but also in a picture-perfect manner. There are a few nitty-gritties which successful freelancers follow and win the hearts of their clients. After referring to the interviews of a handful of elite freelancers, here are a few time management strategies which helped them get where they are.

Being selective while choosing clients

Before starting a freelance project for a customer, the freelancer has to be very particular about choosing the right set of clients. In the desire to earn more, one cannot risk taking up work that is unmanageable. A freelancer should have the judgment of the amount of work he can handle and should take up that much only.


Many people think that highly efficient professionals can do different things at once but that's not true. When we try to attempt multiple tasks together, we don't realize we are spending more time on every task than we would spend while doing them individually. The only trick of accomplishing a work in hand in the least time and in an excellent way is to focus only on that one activity.

Breaking it down into chunks

Staying fixed on the desk for long hours for completing a complex task makes it more complex. Experts suggest breaking down your work into parts and taking enough breaks to revitalize your mind. This keeps our brain active for the whole day and the working time is utilized at its best.

Getting rid of distractions

In this era of social media and TV-series, we never fall short of options to get entertained. However, many of these don't act as refreshers but divert your mind completely making it difficult to restart the work. In that case, we need to identify what are stress-busters and what are distractions and do it accordingly.

Tracking your time

Apart from future planning and making a to-do list, it's also important to keep a track of your time. There might be a few things which don't deserve the amount of time you are dedicating to them. Many high profile freelancers use apps such as Timely for tracking their time spent which helps them in setting their priorities.


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