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Successful people…every freelancer should read about

Posted on April 17, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Successful people…every freelancer should read about

When targets are tough to achieve and we aren't confident of our capabilities, the much-needed enthusiasm slowly starts fading away. At such times, a professional needs a push, a backing to keep moving forward and progress. Motivation is required to keep the warrior alive in oneself and one of the most effective ways is to read about the people who have remarkably flourished. Here, we have listed a few freelancers who have achieved humungous success in their careers.


Brandon Seymour (Digital marketing and business consultant)

Brandon Seymour started his career as a blogger and gradually started getting featured in renowned media publications. His content helped him get numerous clients and soon he was earning over $ 40,000 annually. After getting attention through various media platforms, Brandon joined Beymour (a well-known consulting company) and, now, provides consulting services regarding SEO, online reputation management, content marketing and conversion rate optimization.


Michelle Schroeder (Finance blogger and freelance strategy consultant)

Michele is an MBA in finance and put to use all her knowledge learnt during the post-graduation years into articles on her blog. Her blog "Making sense of cents" has now fetched enough traffic and revenue through affiliate marketing to earn her a luxurious lifestyle. Apart from running her ultra-successful blog, Michelle also contributes to the content of various advertising companies as well as handles content of a few websites related to her domain.


Paul Jarvis (Designer and writer)

After working with an agency for a few years, Paul left his job in search of better opportunities. His big break, was waiting for him, but not as a job but through freelance projects. By delivering commendable projects, he built such presence in the industry that never did he need to pitch his work to the clients. Paul says "I've never cold-called, put my services on job boards or marketplaces. It's been 100% word of mouth and referrals since I started. My clients became my sales force."


Preston Lee (Entrepreneur, blogger and graphic designer)

The person who started his career as a graphic and web designer now gives tips and advice to other freelancers on how to grow their businesses. Preston has now established such reputation in the market that he doesn't need to look for clients. Instead, he has options for various freelance projects and can reject or select whichever he wishes to. Preston guides freelancers to add value to the projects they take up which helps in building credibility in the market.


Brian Wong (CEO and founder of KIIP)

KIIP is an established mobile advertising platform founded by Brian Wong who started his career with freelance designing using Photoshop and illustrations. A technology and gaming enthusiast, Brian had started his prosperous journey with small projects and founded his innovative dream company at a fairly young age. Brian, today is a famous personality amongst tech geeks and gamers and sets an example for youngsters across the world.


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