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Some of the best practices for IT outsourcing in 2018

Posted on May 9, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Some of the best practices for IT outsourcing in 2018

With the growing demand and need for automation and convenience, IT sector has seen consistent adaptation. Software these days are built with such smart and prompt functioning skills that they reduce a huge amount of extra effort for the employees of the company. But, the main challenge lies in designing and building a software.


Writing several pages of codes and testing a software is a time consuming affair. It does not happen overnight. The main challenge most businesses face today is, employees are overloaded with work and may not always have the skillsets that a particular project demands. Hence the need for outsourcing.


Hiring freelancers or consultants on contract could be an ideal option if the project you want to get executed can be completed in a few months. In such cases, hiring permanent employees isn't necessary. For IT outsourcing at its best, there are a few points you need to follow which will make the process flawless.

Employ through reference.


There are company managers who hire people only for their skills and do not consider references important. But, just as the skills are important, having a reference also helps. It gives one an idea of how well the person has implemented his skills. The practical resume is extremely important. Speaking to the employers with whom he has worked previously gives you an insight on the freelancer’s skills, work ethics, commitment etc.


Thorough Communication


The freelancer whom you are planning to hire may be extremely efficient and smart but won't be able to give the expected outcome until he has been given a thorough brief and run down about the project. In this case, communication via email or text is never enough.


Having a word in person and explaining things in detail can solve many queries on both the sides and bring in clarity on the required outcome. If it’s a team to whom you are outsourcing the project to, make sure they meet your inner team. This simplifies the execution of the project. The inner team can explain the needs and challenges more efficiently.

Create a similar prototype


Through verbal communication and presentations, all you can make others understand is how you want the system to perform. However, you may have a certain front-end user experience in mind which will be easy for your employees or clients to use.


A developer will understand your software requirements and might build a desired tool but the appearance of the tool cannot be explained in words. It is better to create a clickable prototype which demonstrates your vision.

Do not neglect the design


Industry experts believe that the applications or tools which look good have a higher impact on the users even if they lack a few points in terms of functionality.


Keeping this mind, do not become careless in choosing the desired and impressive front-end. Make sure the outsourcing team executes it in the same way. In the long run, this immensely helps in retaining clients and users of the software.

Regular Testing


It is advised to regular to test the application or tool at your end. It may work at the freelancer’s end, but it should work perfectly at your end. You need to have a similar environment that the client has so that the testing is done in the client environment.


Regular testing also ensures that if you come across any bugs, they can be fixed. It also gives you an idea of how the project is progressing and if it is on track. If there are any changes that the application or project needs. This is extremely important and crucial.


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