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Factors to be considered when making the outsourcing decision?

Posted on May 25, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Factors to be considered when making the outsourcing decision?

The more options you are offered for a product or service in the market, the more confused you may get. Every offering has its own perks and which one might suit you or your business is immensely confusing to choose. Similar situation arises when you set out on the search of the ideal outsourcers for handing over your business processes to lower down the burden and speeding the operations.

The outsourcing team could act as an asset or a clog for the growth of your company, depending on the pace and efficiency with which they accomplish the allotted tasks. If freelancers are chosen wisely and, when they come out to be the right picks, outsourcers can be the sole contributors in aiding smooth processes, hiking the company profits and maintaining the top-notch reputation. Thus, it is important that you avoid choosing your outsourcers blindly. Deeply scrutinize the available options and while doing so, keep in mind a few tips mentioned below.


The main reason business owners decide to outsource their processes is to save the bulky investment which is required in carrying out the same tasks within the organization. The expenditure of hiring employees, buying equipment and acquiring a space could get too heavy to handle financially and outsourcing is the only option left. However, if not organized smartly, this could result costlier as compared to the in-house operations.

Thus, you need to cross check thoroughly how much you are spending in hiring an outsourcing team versus the amount which would be needed to invest in hiring employees, buying or building new space and equipment and all the miscellaneous expenditures. After all, the outsourcing should be a profitable decision.

Compare various outsourcers:

One point to consider while thinking about the amount of investment is whether the team or individual you are hiring is asking for the best money in the market. Of course, you cannot compromise on the quality and reliability in order to save a little but when researched and surveyed properly, there are chances you could find the same credibility and efficiency at a comparatively lower cost.

The pace of delivering work:
Apart from the investment, the duration of delivering the assignment holds a great importance. If an outsourcing team gives you the services at a low cost but takes double the expected time, then you might not have made the right decision. Especially if the project is that of your client. In this case, you need to be sure beforehand that the deliverables won't be late under any circumstances.

Inspect the technology being used:

The resources play an important role in efficiency and speed of completing tasks. It applies to your outsourcers as well. After getting assured that your projects will be delivered to you on time, you tend to be relaxed and never feel it important to ask their way of working. However, the surety enhances when you cross-check about the technology they use and the resources they utilize for work.

Balanced work schedule:

Imagine how chaotic and hampered the workflow would get if your outsourcing team works during daytime and your in-house team operates at night or vice versa. In such case, the coordination gets cumbersome. The doubts, queries and changes would get delayed by a day or two resulting in a frequent bottleneck of work. To avoid this, scrutinize and make sure that the working hours of both the sides are almost similar. 


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