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The changing role of HR in the new work ecosystem

Posted on June 6, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
The changing role of HR in the new work ecosystem

The methods which businesses utilize to carry out operations and to keep growing are changing day by day. With the changing business scenario, the responsibilities of and expectations from a working professional have risen considerably. One such role is Human Resource (HR) which has come a long way from just recruiting employees to handling various challenges and obstructions in the growth of a business.


There are various factors responsible for the rise in demand and duties of HR professionals. The increasing competition amongst the job seekers and newly emerging competitors in every sector have put a bundle of responsibilities on the shoulders of HR. Now a days, if the in-house HR professionals aren't sufficient, the trend of outsourcing the processes is increasing and it is also extremely helpful to the business.


Choosing an HR outsourcing firm could be a smart option as, with the growing number of tasks, handling a bulk of processes related to human resource might not always be feasible within the organization. Outsourcing lowers down a lot of operations thereby letting you focus on the core projects of the company. HR teams now have access to a lot of tools which makes them highly efficient to accomplish any task allocated.


It needs to understand business objectives and challenges

Modern HR teams are not just involved in the predetermined ways of employing and training the candidates but are also involved in understanding the needs of a business. Instead of thinking only about the implementation of policies and programs of the company, they need to broaden their thinking spectrum and start making a business-oriented approach towards their work.

Apart from the efforts put in, they have to be sure the results are churned out as desired. Result-driven campaigns have become the sole need of today's HR workforce.

It needs to provide a comprehensive overview of business

Yet another main role of HR department is to acquire and inspect the comprehensive data of an organization's progress and propose a full-proof plan for tackling any obstacles and stimulating the growth of a business. Contemplating on the possibilities, the HR team needs to prepare models of challenges and solutions which are divided in every department of the organization according to their role in successfully implementing the plan.

It has to collaborate with the financial department

In collaboration with the financial department, HR professionals need to prepare analytical reports of the financial position of an organization. This way, a required boost is imparted on several processes such as budgeting, headcount planning, internal reorganizations, reductions in workforce, mergers, acquisitions and long-term strategic workforce planning.

Encouraging and training employees

Although this was one of the main responsibilities, the need to empower, train and encourage the employees have now taken a crucial position in the competitive working environment. They need to keep monitoring every individual employee's strengths, weaknesses, personal problems, achievements and shortcomings. After analyzing these factors, the HR team needs to organize training and development programs for employees which helps them cope with the problems and enhance their performances.

Relationship of employees with their colleagues also plays a vital role in keeping the operations friendly and smooth. To do that, get-togethers and team activities have to be organized.


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