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Tips for freelancers to survive in growing competition

Posted on June 14, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Tips for freelancers to survive in growing competition

When it was new, it was utterly fruitful. But, since many people have started venturing in the field of freelancing, the path has started to get equally daunting. Earlier, if someone needed a freelancer, there wouldn't be too many options. But, in the wake of online platforms dedicated to freelancers. The competition has gotten fierce and conventional ways of survival don't work.

A freelancer today needs to think from the business point of view as to how he can sell his service to as many people as possible and how deliverables can be pushed effectively. One has to adopt new and creative ways of working by using proper technology and tactics. Let's dig deeper into the matter and see how a freelancer can stand out in the crowd in this growing competition scenario.

Market your services

Even if you think you have some unique talent in the field you are working in, it's is of no use unless you know how to put it in front of the audience. It's important to utilize every platform where you can showcase yourself. Social media works well in these terms as it can be used to join groups and like pages which are dedicated to freelance-oriented posts and projects. It is also crucial to prominently highlight your specialties and USPs in your profile to enhance your prospects of cracking a deal.

Focus on retention of clients

A freelancer may have not always have a constant flow of work. This can be sorted by working on retaining clients and ensuring you get most of their projects. By giving in your 100 %, you can impress a client with your work in such a way that the upcoming projects are always reserved for you. Basically, even the organizations try to stay away from the hassle of employing new freelancers for every new work that comes up. Once you manage to impress your client, the future tasks are ought to be assigned to you.

Build good relations, personal, if possible

By putting a limited barrier, you should try to build a personalized relationship with your esteemed clients which helps in building a good reputation in the freelancing world. This way, apart from retaining the existing clients, you are referred to everyone and a surprising amount of assignments keep coming. However, you need to make sure you never seem greedy of projects while you on to gel with a client.

Stay prepared

Consider all your first meetings as an interview with your client, where you have to be prepared with all your background work. Apart from having a good knowledge of your field, you should also have a plenty of information about the industry of your prospective client, his company, services etc.

Do not get discouraged

Since freelancing is already an undulated path to take, there are times when you might come across a failure. This is where you need to hold on and not get discouraged. If you don't manage to pitch your services properly and crack a deal, it doesn't mean it will happen all the time. You must keep moving forward by rectifying the previous mistakes and being self-motivated.


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