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Impact of technology on jobs

Posted on June 21, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Impact of technology on jobs

Technological innovation, disruptive technology and technical advancement have a huge impact on our day to day lives, specifically our jobs. Since industrial revolutions and the advent of machines, the way we work has been changing almost constantly.

The biggest example is the computerisation across industries. The entire world has almost become paperless in the way they work. Computers have also reduced the risk of human errors as well as time taken to carry out complex data calculations. Undoubtedly, it has reduced the manpower needed to carry out a certain task. Where it has led to reduction in low skill jobs, it has also led to the emergence of high tech careers which require specific skill set. Jobs in areas like social media management, online shopping and mobile apps are just a few years old. These jobs are high paying and hence lead to a better lifestyle.

The world is now moving towards artificial intelligence and robot workers in factories. This will lead to increase in productivity as machines are equipped to perform even in extreme conditions such as adverse weather or natural disaster areas. Automation will also lead to reduction in cost hence will keep inflation in check. At a higher level it helps keep both nepotism and red tape in check.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a specialized technology that carries out tasks and can make statistical guesses based on enormous data sets. Will human intervention be required? Probably as the intelligence still does not have a clear understanding of what it needs to do. But, the intervention will be needed at a minimal level.

A sector that will surely gain from AI is healthcare. Now, patient diagnosis will be faster and more accurate. This does not mean that experienced doctors will not be required. But, they will be able to design the correct treatment based on the data that AI is providing.

The threat of machines making human workers obsolete is present. A report by the consulting firm Zinnov says, India will lose 69000 jobs by 2021 due to adoption of technology. The major impact will be the unskilled and blue collar workers.

The key to living a life which is now enmeshed with technology is adaptation. To only specialise in certain skill sets may not be enough to survive for workers. They need to continue their learning and gain knowledge in the new emerging technologies. They will need to develop thinking that helps them deal with new techniques across sectors. Multi – skilling and up-skilling will be the order of the day.

The future will depend on how humans and machines work in collaboration with each other. Technology can give the needed data and also analyse it, but to understand this analysis and take correct decision once again needs a human mind. The judgement of right and wrong along with empathy that some jobs may need can only come from humans.

Together as a team, man and machine will be able to achieve great outcomes for businesses across sectors, across the globe.


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