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Why companies choose to hire talent for projects

Posted on July 5, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Why companies choose to hire talent for projects

Be it tech or not, today’s start up scene is competitive. From multinational companies to the smallest of start-ups, entrepreneurs across the world are keen to hire ‘A players’. But, dont presume that a laundry list of qualifications will land you the job.

To run a business that appeals to the greatest amount of people, companies are proactive about having a talented workforce.

The hiring trend is now skewing the other side.

Talent is ruthlessly crushing formal education.

Hiring from traditional educational institutions was a norm of the past.  As resumes keep streaming in, employers pinpoint best skills, not credentials.

Which translates to this:

A great skill set breaks you away from the huge stack of endless resumes.

Your skills put you right in the thick. Here’s why:

A higher skill set tells them that you’re not just sitting and waiting for your qualifications to get you a decent-paying job. Instead, it clearly suggests that you’re the kind of person who has the willingness and ambition to learn any skill. If you can learn to do just about anything you’re tasked with, it shows ability. 

In fact, they are even ready to eliminate qualified applicants who match their experience requirements. Yeah, go ahead and take some comfort in that fact.  The logic behind this trend is quite simple. A person’s performance in a previous role isn’t always indicative of their future success at the company.

Companies have begun hiring bright people who believe in their mission, even if they don’t necessarily have the technical skills of seasoned employees. They want to cash in on those who are rife with untapped talent. Recent grads need just apprenticeships, internships or training to take their skills up a notch. So, employers are eager to hire such novice workers who mighthave a potential to excel in future.  If a little bit of training is the price to pay for a talented employee, its well worth it.

On the plus side, talented individuals always prove to be more driven. Firstly, they contribute more ideas to grow a company. Secondly, they’re sure to increase the work output of a company. Talented individuals find ways to streamline the ‘work machine’  and make it run faster.

Your take home message- talent makes it easier for you to outperform your competition.

Recent grads might make the applicant pool larger and wider. But the talent pool still remains a smaller one. Fast-growing companies want the best talent that’s out there, even if its hard to come by. Equip yourself with the right skills, so you’re not the one who gets weeded out.


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