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Gig Economy Trends - Changing the way work gets done

Posted on July 11, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Gig Economy Trends - Changing the way work gets done

You cant ignore these Trends about the Gig Economy


The 21st century workforce doesn’t crave the job security of working at an MNC as much as they crave work flexibility. Freelancers might feel a host of personal, social, and economic anxieties. Despite this, working on contractual basis attracts to them more.

Having the power to decide when, where and how they want to work, gig workers are happy to move beyond the usual constraints. Here are trends about the gig economy regular freelancers should know:


The Gig Economy isn’t just for Startups

As a gig worker, you might flock to startups and small businesses, but big companies are catching up to freelancers too.

Global giants like Samsung are turning to online freelancing platforms like Upwork and PeoplePerHour to find designers, marketing staff, IT specialists and other knowledge workers.


The Gig Economy is here to stay in India

From moms in their 40s to millennials in their 20s, freelancing has become the buzzword. As kids reach middle school, moms with permanent jobs face a challenge. For obvious reasons, they prefer to drop out of the workforce to keep up with their children’s schedules.

With young Indian freelancers taking up international projects, the gig economy is changing the nature of labour. Be it e-commerce platforms or startups, independent workers are needed for short-duration talent. This might surprise you but every one-in-four freelancers in the world is from India.

Blockchain is changing the game

The world is moving away from a traditional marketplace to a more socially connected one. The decentralized mechanism of blockchain ensures that trust is not breached. Payment is only made when the service is rendered. Blockchain is making payment across international borders a safe and secure option. Plus, by cutting the fees that middlemen take, blockchain gives freelancers more power over their digital payments.

Keep Networks by your your side

To rise above the crowd of freelancers, you need networks. Here’s the thing: companies don't hunt for skill within the masses. They’re not keen to put up skill-based jobs on job boards or consultancies. Employers are all too aware that they won't find niche experts, on generic job boards. What they do instead is, spread the word through industry contacts. 

Bottom-line: Stay in touch with your contacts and continue networking with more. By isolating yourself, you’ll only cripple your career as a freelancer. Network and you’ll end up talking to a new recruiter every other week.

Roles like web design, app development, coding, project management, and digital marketing make up the bulk of the gig economy. Thanks to the gig economy, we can choose to do any such independent work sans the travel hassle.

Before we bid adieu, here’s some good advice: To be successful in the gig economy, keep yourself updated with all the relevant skills of your niche, and brand your skills well.

We hope we’ve updated you with the latest trends on the new and upcoming gig economy!


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