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7 Reasons Freelancers Should Constantly Re-skill Themselves

Posted on July 20, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
7 Reasons Freelancers Should Constantly Re-skill Themselves

For those reaping the benefits of working online, it can be a struggle to stay updated on the latest trends and skills.  In the eyes of the employer, an employee should enhance their value to the organization by improving their current skill set. Here are all the reasons why every freelancer should up-skill or re-skill himself:

To stay marketable:

Your skill set should be responsive and dynamic. The world is moving forward at a lightning speed. Whether you’re a full-time freelancer or just looking to boost your side hustle, your skill set should fill a market need. If your skill does not provide any value to the companies, why would they hire you? The in-demand skills change every year. Each skill is as fast growing as ever. As a freelancer, your goal should be to stay marketable by constant up-skilling.

To do different jobs:

Most traditional employees prefer specialization over a diverse skill set. But those in the freelance economy should be comfortable moving swiftly from one job to another. This is because what’s in demand today might not be in demand tomorrow. Picking up fresh skills and experience with each new project can expand your capabilities. If ever, content writing falls out of the picture, you can hop on to graphic designing. This is just one example of the many. But, you should have a wider skill set which allows you to go job-hopping.

Freelancing is also about entrepreneurship:

Freelancing is a whole lot similar to running a business. It’s your talents that will keep the customers rolling in. Essentially, your talent is your product/ service.  In order to attain new clients, you have to brand and market yourself just like an entrepreneur.  Pitching yourself to potential clients, and making the case for your qualifications is what freelancing is about. You’ll stand out only if you demonstrate how you continually enhance your skill set and stay open to learning new things. Plus, you need to be strategic about how you market yourself to potential clients.

Technology is changing:

As artificial intelligence and automation disrupt the world of work, skilled freelancers feel threatened.  While certain professionals shouldn’t feel on edge, a freelancer’s career hinges on technology. Occupational skill sets rely on the present technology. Jobs like social media manager were unheard of a decade ago. To stay updated about the latest gear, techniques, and developments within your chosen sphere, subscribe to an industry magazine and keep in touch with peers and agencies

Get better at what you do:

In a crowded field of freelancers jockeying for projects, you need to have a competitive advantage. As a full-time freelancer, up-skilling should be a continuous and ongoing process. Enhancing your expertise also implies enhancing your employment chances. Plus, re-skilling ensures that you are fully competent to complete the tasks in question without mistakes or errors. 

Product based service:

Your career shouldn’t rely on your waking hours alone.

Wouldn’t it so much better if you could make money as you sleep? That’s the dream, right? You can always keep freelancing as a day job and start selling products too.  Informational products like ebooks, video courses, beginner’s guides and online classes are the “in thing” these days. So, make the most of it if you don't want to bank on freelancing alone.

Get creatively inspired:

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again: freelancing is a lonely profession. So is blogging. Learning a new skill is not just about adding to the resume. It often sparks off a new tide of creativity. Most artists, be ancient or modern, took up several arts. Their music was inspired by their art. Mozart created portraits while composing his piano concertos. Opening up your mind to a new skill will, in turn, boost your current skill set and enhance your prowess in it. In the end, to be a good freelancer, you need to keep the passion burning. If that means, gaining new skills, by all means, do it!

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