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Why are Indians leaving their jobs and going freelancing?

Posted on July 27, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
Why are Indians leaving their jobs and going freelancing?

Freelancing is becoming a way of living amongst Indian millennials and Indian women too. Professionals today rather prefer pursuing their passion than pursuing a corporate career.


While the western world embraced the freelance way of life almost a decade ago, it isn’t surprising that this transformation is taking place in India as well. Here are some of the reasons that are reshaping the work ecosystem:



In cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi, travel is a hectic routine that’s always a part of the urban people’s work life.

Your daily commute costs you a lot more than money. It’s the sheer reason behind your energy-drained evenings. Long commuting time causes a great deal of time pressure in our routines. The longer we are away from home, the less time we spend with our family. Eventually, all this traveling spills over our personal lives.

Working in the office environment:

For many people, the office can feel like a second home. Sadly, for the creative ones, it’s often not. In most corporate office spaces, there’s an air of boredom that dwindles. It’s almost as if the white walls and glass window panes stop the creative juices from flowing.  The route of freelancing grants at the least a way for those who love to make use of their talents and pursue their dreams. Another thing that’s been motivating most Indians is the opportunity to work in a distraction-free environment. Say goodbye to office politics forever. Choosing where you work gives freelancers a sense of power. This control is becoming more and more important to people than climbing the corporate ladder.

Remote Freelancing:

Heard of this recent industry buzz word that’s been floating around? Freelancers are now being assigned tasks for projects independent of their location. As blockchain payments are slowly becoming a thing, working for clients across borders is effortless. Working remotely mean living the dream of work-life balance. The nomadic freelancer can travel and bring some work with him too. Switching locations or weekend holidays don't need to be unpaid “off days” anymore. Tech savvy freelancers easily complete their tasks from anywhere with an internet connection. So, if you want to work in your pyjamas, remote freelancing is the way.

Not doing what you love:

Perhaps leaving a well-paid job isn’t about the perks of freelancing but rather about the idea of finally doing what you enjoy the most. With technology right at our fingertips, any person, with the right tools, can start working towards his/her interests. Most successful freelancers or entrepreneurs out there are those who managed to turn their talents into a money-making machine for themselves. Doing new tasks each day for a new client defeats the monotony of conventional jobs. Instead, you keep learning new skills and get rewarded for it. The best part? No more unpaid overtime ever. You get paid literally for the work you love to do. 

This list will give you a dozen popular reasons to become a freelancer. But, its best to take into account your own likes and dislikes about the corporate job. If the dislikes outweigh the likes, step this way without ado.


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