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How LinkedIn Can Help your Freelance Business

Posted on August 16, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
How LinkedIn Can Help your Freelance Business

A LinkedIn Profile is not something you edit only when you're on a job hunt. No, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool that can take your freelancing game through the roof.

In a study done in 2017, 7% freelancers said Facebook helped them get clients and 51% said LinkedIn was “important” or “very important” for their business.

Here's how a LinkedIn Platform can help you gain new clients:


You can use it like a search engine:

If you’ve built a blog for your freelancing business and optimized it for google, why not optimize your LinkedIn profile? After all, this makes the process of helping new clients find you easier.

Go overboard with this tip and use the ‘advanced search option’ to filter your search.


You can create a client-focused profile.

Abundantly using the word ‘freelancer’ in your headline, URL, summary, and experience puts you above your competition. A clear, compelling headline that’s not generic and boring attracts clients to you. Include industry specialization and certifications to stand out. Go ahead and use those 120 characters wisely.

Put in all your work samples- even if it’s a YouTube video. Adding work samples before the client asks for them makes you stand out from the crowd. In case you have a website of your own, put in the links so your clients can explore.

You can hugely benefit from LinkedIn “Endorsements and Recommendations”:

LinkedIn didn’t wait much to add the controversial ‘endorsements’ feature. Some employers dislike it because it’s easy to endorse someone without putting much thought into the endorsement. Yet, there might be those who understand that endorsement provides a level of social proof. It adds third-party validation and freelancers can tap into word-of-mouth marketing. Did you know 88% of people trust reviews and recommendations written by strangers online as much as they trust a referral from a personal connection?

If you know a client is happy with your work, politely ask for a LinkedIn endorsement and recommendation.


You can use LinkedIn groups to your advantage:

LinkedIn groups are a great way to not feel alone on a business networking site. It’s also an awesome way to meet new people and to land referrals from other writers, who have work they need to outsource. A word of warning here: do not post irrelevant content and sale pitches. Rather than spamming the groups, answer others’ questions and provide knowledge through useful comments.

While you can endlessly keep posting cute cat pictures on Instagram and Facebook, you can’t do that on LinkedIn. Use it professionally.

If you haven't made your LinkedIn profile a hit, do so and let new clients find you easily.

Do you maintain an active presence on LinkedIn?  Do you use these LinkedIn features? 


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