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How will Artificial Intelligence change the Recruitment Landscape? 

Posted on September 24, 2018   by Team Flexiport  
How will Artificial Intelligence change the Recruitment Landscape? 

“Tech kills jobs.”

“Automation will cause mass unemployment.”

This is the humble opinion of the naive layman. The picture painted by sci-fi Hollywood movies about robots surpassing humans and taking over is fictional. Yet, we’re innocent. We fall prey to the idea that automation can ultimately replace the best of us. Well, think twice.

The fast pace at which technology is growing, makes people believe that not only will they be unemployed but that they will be unemployable. That’s a big difference. And that’s what we all fear. So when it comes to recruiting, the case remains.

Although we’re not knee-deep in the recruiting automation waters yet, we’re well on the way. While artificial intelligence and machine learning will displace some of the tasks done by hiring teams, it will actually create value for the company.

What is the use of AI in recruitment?

•       It can speedily screen resumes and eliminate unqualified applicants.

•       It can rank qualified candidates and generate skill tests before the interview.

•       It can schedule the interview. Chatbots can even digitally interview candidates and detect their word choices, speech patterns, and emotional cues.

AI software will take away the manual tasks that are time-consuming. This innovation will, in turn, make the recruiter’s role super-specific.

Today, recruiters spend a major time of their work week doing manual tasks such as screening through resumes to find a needle in the haystack. Recruitment is not about low-level administrative tasks! It’s about assessing the right fit for the company. But when menial tasks hog the workday, how can recruiters save energy to further interview candidates properly?

To take the right workload off the employee’s shoulders is what artificial intelligence is about. Machine learning algorithms will step in to perform basic technical tasks like screening resumes according to the words used in the job description and acknowledging or rejecting candidates. By taking away these time-consuming tasks from the recruiter’s responsibilities, the team will be focused on being creative and designing the company strategy for choosing the best talent.

AI is here to stay. It is the future of hiring. But we need to make sure that this labour saving invention simplifies the recruiter's job instead of complicating it. 


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