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Best Startup Advice from Tech Heroes

Posted on July 29, 2015   by FlexiPort Team  
Best Startup Advice

Starting up a business is very risky and involves a lot of hard work. But if you have the right mentor to guide you through the process, then things can get a lot easier. Here are few of the most common advice given to startups from their established tech counterparts.

Be Different
Do not standardize your business or services as per what is available in the market already. Differentiate yourself from other players in the market. Make your products or services unique to your business. This way you can quickly gain the attention of investors and grow at a faster rate.

Think Long Term
Do not start up your business with the focus of attaining short term benefits. Before you begin any business think about the long term benefits to be accrued from them. Raise money from investors with the similar mindset. This goes without saying, raise money for the next step while you are still contemplating today’s actions.

Getting the Right Advice
When you plan to set up your own start-up business, there will be many who come to share with you their knowledge in order to guide you. But you must be very selective of the advice you take from people. Many times, the advice given by people is based on their experiences, so it is alright to keep it in mind. But take actions according to your plan and experience.

Have a Balanced Team
When you first begin operations, ensure that you have a well balanced team. Do not hire excess staff or overqualified staff. The right staff must be hired at the right time in order to achieve balance within the start-up. Even if a particular candidate is a good resource, it is not necessary to have him on the team until the start-up can capitalize on his resources.

Market Yourself
Start-ups have to market themselves in order to let customers know of their business. Initially, start-ups face high marketing expenses until they are able to grow to an extent wherein the business will market itself.

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