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10 Ways to get more Customers through your Door

Posted on September 12, 2015   by FlexiPort Team  
10 ways to get more customers through your door

So, yet another potential client managed to slip away despite your best efforts? Worried about your sudden inability to add new clients to your company roster? Read on for some simple DIY tips that can help you win more customers.

Sign-post your business
 If your premises are a little off the beaten track, make sure you’re well sign-posted. Put up signs to point potential customers in your direction from busier places locally.

Market your presence
Give away flyers on a busy street, highlighting an incentive or special introductory offer. Be as vocal and animated as you can and try to attract attention – perhaps with a colourful sign.

The leaflet route
Post leaflets through the doors of potential customers nearby. Make your leaflets attractive and eye-catching, but be clear and concise about the benefits you offer.

Create partnerships
Make referrals in return for those you receive from others. Provided you are not in direct competition, consider chipping in with other businesses to fund bigger and better promotion drives.

Consider a makeover
 If your business looks attractive, more customers are likely to come through your door. A simple coat of paint or some new floor-covering can transform things. Else, make sure your premises are clean, tidy and welcoming.

Host a relaunch
Post the makeover, host a relaunch event. Garnish it with special offers. Do a leaflet drop. Try and get coverage in the local press and invite as many potential customers as you can.

Use your premises
A shop window is the best space to market your products to passing customers, so make sure you use it to push your most appealing offers. Pick items that are most likely to appeal to the greatest number of passers-by.

Advertise your best deals
Attention-grabbing slogans or images on a pavement board can be a highly effective way of getting more punters through the door.

Reward loyalty
Loyalty-card schemes aim to encourage brand loyalty and repeat business. Make sure regular customers are rewarded for their loyalty to your enterprise with discounts or freebies.

Enable easy acces
Give passers-by free access to your products. Let them taste, feel, smell or otherwise sample what you are selling. This could be anything from placing a samples board outside a shop to hosting a free open evening.

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