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General FAQs

FlexiPort is a digital platform that connects businesses and independent professionals to exchange work. Companies can hire trusted and reliable professionals for consulting/freelancing/work-from-home projects. All work assignments posted on the platform are of short/medium term in nature.

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No. FlexiPort is a platform for consulting, freelance, work-from-home, part-time and other types of project-based hiring.

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After registering on the platform, you can choose to be a free member or subscribe to one of our premium memberships.

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For Work Seekers/Individuals

FlexiPort is perfect for freelancers, consultants, retired professionals, work-from-home women or moonlighters who are seeking flexible working solutions. On FlexiPort you can reach out to new clients, showcase your talent and get hired for projects relevant to your skills.

FlexiPort's features for the premium membership helps you stand out amongst the members and highly improves your chances of getting hired for projects. Premium members can also benefit from gaining a 24-hour priority to apply for projects, create a personalized microsite and showcase their work.

Go to your dashboard and click on 'My projects'. Under project leads, you can find the projects that match your skill and qualification. You can select the type of opportunities, location, and category to find projects on FlexiPort.

Free users can apply to projects on signing up on FlexiPort. Subsequently, free users need to buy applications/applications packs (refer pricing) to be able to apply to projects. Alternately you can sign up for a Premium membership and get 10 free project applications along with other benefits.

This feature is called “Buy Lead”. You can get contact details (mobile number and email) of the work provider who has posted a project by buying a lead (refer pricing). Members get 5 leads free on signing up for a premium membership.

FlexiPort's search algorithm will match your skills with the project requirements and inform you of relevant opportunities through email. It is therefore important that you fill out all your details on your profile and ensure a high-profile completion index. This ensures that you are instantly notified whenever a project relevant to your skills and experience is posted on the platform.

You can also log in and check your dashboard.

A complete profile is the first step to being taken seriously. To build credibility, you can upload images/files/testimonials on your profile.

You can also apply for verification of contact details and pay for a featured profile to get noticed.

Complete your profile now

Don’t worry. Once you apply for a project, your profile is sent to the potential employer. Once you are shortlisted, the employers will contact you. This process can take some time. Meanwhile, we add new career opportunities regularly. Do have a look and shortlist suitable options from the recent opportunities/projects.

FlexiPort is not involved in the selection process for projects posted on the platform. In certain key projects, FlexiPort helps work providers in the screening process. Final selection of the service provider is done by the work provider only.

Only in the case of Managed Projects where clients request the services of FlexiPort for end-to-end management of projects, FlexiPort would be involved in the selection process.

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No. When you apply to a project and get hired by the client, you do not pay any commissions to FlexiPort.

When a work provider posts a project on FlexiPort, only the project related details will be visible to you. To be able to view the contact information of the work provider you can "Buy a Project Lead". This will enable you to get the email and mobile number of the work provider. You can then directly establish contact with the work provider and pitch for the project.

Similarly, if you have posted a Service and a work provider raises a request for your service, you will have to buy the service lead to get the contact details of the interested work provider to establish contact.

Yes, your profile is secure. You can safely add information to your profile. Nothing is shared without your permission.

Please read Privacy Policy here.

For Work Providers/Companies

Go to your dashboard and click on 'My Services'. Click 'Find Services'. You can narrow down your search using the filters. If you are interested in hiring the services of a registered user who has posted a service, you can raise a service request. The service provider will be informed of the service request. The service provider will directly establish contact with you after procuring your contact details.

No. Posting a project on FlexiPort is Free.

Yes, we can. Please click here for more info on our FLEXI XP package.

Registration is free for all professionals and companies. Click here to view our packages for companies.

User profiles are also screened from time to time to ensure adherence to the "Terms & Conditions" of the platform.

Technical Information

In case you forget the password, go to login page and click on "Recover Password".

To deactivate/delete your FlexiPort account, please send us an email request at info@theflexiport.com

Please do check your profile and confirm if all the fields are filled in. You also need to make sure your email-id is verified. Click the verify email-id link on your dashboard. You will receive an email from us, once you click the link. In case you are still not able to apply for jobs, please contact us here. We will be glad to help.

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