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FlexiPort is a digital workspace for independent professionals. The platform brings together businesses and skilled professionals to connect and collaborate for short/medium term projects.

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As a registered business user on FlexiPort you can hire expert professionals on consulting, freelance or part-time basis. The extensive pool of experts on FlexiPort helps you find the right resource for your projects across diverse functional areas.

You can also find work on FlexiPort by either applying to projects posted by other work providers in the Projects Marketplace or by posting the services you offer in the Services Marketplace.

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FlexiPort helps professionals seek projects that they are most equipped to carry out, giving opportunity for greater productivity, work satisfaction and getting a fair value for their skills. FlexiPort enables enterprising individuals to work independently and carve out a niche for themselves through a wide and exciting portfolio of work.

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FlexiPort is a work exchange platform and we ensure that all work assignments posted on the platform are short / medium term in nature. Every project posted on the platform is manually screened before it is visible. Our objective is to foster business partnerships through this platform and support and promote a flexible work model.

Our endeavour is to connect businesses across industries with skilled professionals and service providers. There are diverse skill categories listed on FlexiPort that will appeal to many businesses and professionals. All those seeking flexible careers, consultants, homemakers, retired professionals can find relevant work for themselves by registering on the platform.

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Absolutely. We are extremely proud of our commitment to protect your privacy. We value your trust in us. You can review the Privacy Policy here.


First, you need to fill in a short registration form, provide a valid email address and confirm that you've read the Terms and Conditions.

When you submit the registration form, we will send link to the email address you provided at sign-up. Follow the link in the email to activate your account.

After this, take a few minutes to provide information about yourself and/or your business. This is an opportunity to showcase your capabilities and what you are looking for professionally. Make sure it is complete and free of typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors.

Users with incomplete profiles will be unable to apply to projects.

The information you provide will be displayed on your profile to give other members an overview of your skills and/or needs.

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FlexiPort's search algorithm will match your skills with the project requirements and inform you of relevant opportunities through email. You can also login and check your dashboard.

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The complete details of your applications will be available on your account dashboard in “Projects Applied” section. This will be visible to you after you login.

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As a first step you would need to create an account on FlexiPort. Next, you need to click on "Post a Project" from your dashboard. Do make sure to add in all the details correctly and completely so that you attract the best applicants for the project. Before you post your project please make it a point to fill out your profile. This will help applicants get an insight about your organization. As a part of the screening and approval process, you might get a call from us to verify the authenticity of the project / to seek additional details about the project.

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Both, business users and professional users can apply for the projects posted on the site, provided you match the required skill set. To be able to apply for a project posted on the platform you have to sign up for a paid membership.

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When a work provider posts a project on FlexiPort, only the project related details will be visible to you. To be able to view the contact details of the work provider you can “Buy a Project Lead”. This will enable you to get the email and mobile number of the work provider. You can then directly establish contact with the work provider and pitch for the project.

Similarly, if you have posted a Service and a work provider raises a request for your service, you will have to buy the service lead to get the contact details of the interested work provider to establish contact.

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When a work provider posts a project and the project is relevant to your skillset, you can either apply to a project or buy the project lead.

When you apply for the project, the work provider will be able to view your application and profile. If the work provider finds your application suitable, he/she will directly contact you for further discussion.

When you buy a project lead, the contact details of the work provider are made available to you and you can establish contact with the work provider to pitch for the project.

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Once you log in, you can search for service providers by browsing the Service Marketplace. If you are interested in hiring the services of a registered user who has posted a service, you can raise a service request. The service provider will be informed about the service request. The service provider will directly establish contact with you after procuring your contact details.

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When a Service Request is raised on a service you have posted, you will get a notification. To get the contact details of the interested work provider you will be required to buy the service request if you want to establish contact with the work provider. Once you buy the service lead, the contact details of the work provider will be made available to you.

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Yes. As a paid member you do get a priority listing of your Application / Service Post. Please refer the pricing table for details.

You can upgrade to Premium or Ultimate membership. You can also choose between a monthly and Annual option. Paid memberships offer a bouquet of services that offer you greater value than a free plan.

More Info on membership plans
FlexiPort is not involved in the selection process. In certain key projects, FlexiPort helps work providers in the screening process. Final selection of the service provider is done by the work provider only.
Yes. Projects and Services are manually screened for authenticity and quality. User profiles are also screened from time to time to ensure adherence to the "Terms & Conditions" of the platform. FlexiPort reserves the right to alter/modify/delete any content that does not adhere to the "Terms & Conditions" of the platform.

A complete profile if the first step to being taken seriously. To build credibility you can upload images/files/testimonials on your profile.

You can also apply for verification of contact details and pay for a featured profile to get noticed.

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You can create your own vanity webpage on FlexiPort. To create a FlexiFolio you have to opt for a paid membership plan. You can also opt for a private domain by opting for an annual membership. The private domain chosen by you, if available, will be offered to you free for the period of your membership and will be redirected to your vanity webpage on FlexiPort. Please refer "Point#8 – Domains" in the Terms of Service for more details.
If you are a registered user on FlexiPort, you can browse the member directory and send a connection request to the member you seek to network with. If your request is accepted by the member, you can directly communicate with the member through the messaging module.
As in introductory offer, the networking feature is being offered free to all members.


This could happen due to a few reasons. Please ensure your profile is complete in all respects. Sharp search parameters could result in fewer matches. Broaden your search parameters if possible.

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In case you forget the password, go to login page and click on "Recover Password".
We would always be glad to hear from you. Write to us at feedback@theflexiport.com

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