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Finance and Accounts

Finance is usually at the heart of any business. It helps make decisions related to improving efficiency of operations and profitability. A good Chartered accountant will keep the finance processes running smoothly. With our specialised services in this vertical, you can source some of the best Finance & Accounting experts to manage this key function for your business.


General Accounts

Keep your business transactions in order with the preparation of books of accounts - including maintaining cash/bank books, journals, preparing bank reconciliation statements, draft balance sheet and profit &loss account at the end of the financial year.

  • Maintaining cash/bank books, journals
  • Preparing bank reconciliation statements, draft balance sheet and profit &loss account at the end of the financial year.
  • Sign up for payroll processing with salary computations, salary slip generation and collecting all tax declarations from your employees.
  • payment of business taxes
  • Set up and payment of the provident fund, state insurance, profession tax for employees


An audit is a complex and involved process which is very important to reveal oversights and errors.

  • If you need a statutory audit of your company's books, you can use FlexiPort to find the services of a fair and unbiased auditor to pore through financial statements and books of accounts.
  • Sometimes, an internal audit may add value by providing insights into actions that will increase the company's efficiency. An examination of the internal processes by an objective and neutral auditor will be useful.
  • Special audits like scrutiny of specific areas of business like sales or purchase audit throw up oversights and errors which can be fixed before the heavy penalties can be levied.
  • If you simply need advisory services, a panel member of your choosing can provide his or her expert opinion on accounting policies and their revisions.

Direct & Indirect Taxes

  • Hire our certified panelists to structure all your business taxes like income-tax, wealth tax, excise duty, customs duty, service tax so that you can focus on simply growing your business.
  • Depending on your industry and prevailing government laws, you may need your company registered for several tax number like PAN, TAN, Service Tax etc. Our CAs will handle the entire process from end-to-end.
  • Use our experts to ensure your business is compliant with the latest laws, especially those regarding withholding tax (TDS) returns, return of income and computation of advance tax. If you are not vigilant, you could face heavy fines.
  • Over the course of your business dealings, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law. If you need to have your business represented before tax authorities, tribunals and courts, use FlexiPort to hire a seasoned financial litigator.
  • From time-to-time, you would need an advisory service providing opinions on tax implications for your business. Use FlexiPort to find the one perfect for your needs.
  • If your business is operating in multiple states, you may be subject to various local taxes and regulations like octroi or local body tax. Our experts will help sort out the various registrations, and even litigation, if required.


Depending on your business, get your company certified under the relevant statutes in acts like Companies Act, Income-tax Act, Excise and Customs, Service tax, Foreign Exchange Management Act etc. Hire on expert to handle the documentation and co-ordination.

Transaction Advisory Services

If you need support for just a specific project like an internal reorganisation or a merger, our experts can provide 360 degree assistance from accounting to tax and regulatory compliance.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If you are taking the merger and acquisition route to grow your business, our panelists will help you identify a potential company and handle the subsequent sale or buy out.

Fund raising - Private and Public

Raising funds help you expand and grow your business. However, this field is heavily regulated. To ensure you get clean funds and avoid legal issues, use the help of our experts to raise private or public funds.

Fraud & Investigations

In any business, a possibility of embezzlement by employees always exists. If you have any doubt, it is best to initiate a complete investigation into your accounts with an impartial external agency. A thorough examination of the processes will identify any problem areas.

Market Assessment

You may be eager to launch a new product or service but is the market ready for it? Use our experts to test the waters by creating feasibility reports for you, prior to investing major resources into the launch.

Special Regulatory Services

Our panelists will keep your operations running smoothly by making sure the business is compliant and maintain regular correspondences with regulators. If you need to obtain any permissions or licenses,it will be taken care of.


Dedicated Service Verticals


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