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Human Capital

Whatever your business model, your team is your biggest asset. With well-thought out investment in their professional growth, they become your allies amidst the uncertainties of business. The below services help clearly define and consistently communicate performance expectations.


Realign your organisation's work flow and systems to current business goals and develop procedures for implementation. A well-designed organisation can meet the challenges of ever-changing business dynamics. Investing in restructuring of your company structure will lead to reduced operating costs and increased profitability. Foster a culture of committed and engaged employees and with a clear strategy for managing and growing your business.

Services offered
  • Strategy Articulation
  • Scorecard Design
    • Organisational
    • Functional
  • Vision and Values Co-creation
  • Organisation Structuring
  • Job Description
  • Job Evaluation and Grading
  • Compensation Philosophy
  • Value Chain Streamlining

Create an environment of high achievement by developing, motivating and managing retention of employees. Groom those with high potential to deliver value for the organisation. Use the services of an expert to implement an effective talent management strategy to fulfil critical operational roles. Forming an assessment and development centre within your company can identify latent leaders and capability building interventions.

Services offered
  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • Action Learning Project Management
  • Capability Building Interventions
    • Functional
    • Behavioural
  • Executive/Leadership Development
  • Exit Interview Management

Test your company for organisational effectiveness in achieving your business goals in key areas. Get facilitative guidance form our experts in applying the model appropriate for your needs like the Gemba Kaizen or RACI Matrix. Plan, pivot, design and review with a clear cut action plan with tools like Mind Mapping or Visual Management.

Services offered
  • Workouts
  • Gemba Kaizen
  • Visual Management
  • Mind Mapping
  • Facilitative Guidance
  • Gamification
  • 30-60-90 day plan design and review
  • RACI Matrix

While structure is integral to any organisation, it is not the only important part. The ease and speed with which your employees from different teams interact to complete tasks can be a turning point for your organisation.

Re-examining the decision-making speed can lead to less disruption and increased productivity, profitability and enhanced cost-structure. Right from the Recruitment Strategy to Performance Management Framework, our experts can deliver results.

Services offered
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Employee Policy Benchmarking and Redesign
  • Compensation Restructuring
  • Performance Management Framework
  • Employee Engagement Calendar Design and Execution
  • Training Calendar Design
  • Trainer Assessment and Certification

Create and efficiently manage an appropriate rewards system for your employees to motivate them to perform better. Encourage the right behaviours for your organisation with a organized system of performance bonuses and incentives. Design the perfect pay policies and team reward structure for your industry along with our experts.

Services offered
  • Pay Range Design
  • Variable Pay/ Short Term Incentive Design
  • Long Term Incentive Design
  • Sales Incentive Design
  • Scenario Planning and Rewards Spends Optimization


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