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Projects Details


Project Posted on: 2017-04-15
Mumbai, Indore, Jaipur, Kota

ORGANISATION DESCRIPTION: We are an IT company which helps boost the clients business through technology excellence driven by business size, state and respective size. We work on the business profile, Online profile building, Profile promotion,Increase ROI and IT enablement.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: We have an existing project where users can add other users in their network. We want to implement chat between two users. It will be one to one chat with text and emoticons. Workflow should be as follows- When user enters the app, his firebase token is generated and saved in server. When he views his connections, if the connection is active user(status=active), the connected user's token is also provided in API response. (this is implemented). There will be a chat icon beside each connection (this is implemented). When user clicks on chat icon, a one to one chat window will open with previous chat messages displayed(latest first). When user types a message with text/emoticon, firebase server will be called and chat session will be established. Here users can chat with each other in real time. (Note: the communication will be directly from mobile app to firebase, without application server intervention in between). When user is out of the app, chat notifications should come.

CATEGORY Web, IT & Software
SKILL iOS & Android Application
TYPE Remote
Firebase Chat integrator in iOS in Mumbai Chat integrator in iOS in Mumbai
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