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User Guide

This User Guide is intended to help you navigate through the platform more effectively and benefit from the various offerings on the platform. It is our endeavor to offer members of FlexiPort a platform that will help them source and manage work more efficiently.

The objective of this digital workspace is to
  • Provide you faster and accurate information.
  • Provide you an opportunity to reach out to prospective clients and showcase your work at a lower cost.
  • Provide you richer information signals and ancillary services.
  • Provide access to a larger scale of information in the most convenient manner.



Registration on FlexiPort is Free. Create an Individual or a Business Profile, Activate your account and get started.

Create a Profile

Before you start using FlexiPort, ensure you have a detailed profile ready. Update all your details in the profile. It is important that you fill out as much information as possible since work providers review your profile when you apply to projects.

Showcase Work – Upload images and Files

Let your work do the talking. Build credibility by uploading images, presentations and testimonials on your profile.

Generate Leads and Enquiries – Post a Service

You can generate leads and enquiries from work providers by posting your services on the Services Marketplace. Fill out the from and provide all necessary details about the service you provide and the locations you provide your services in.

Source New Clients – Buy Leads

When a work provider posts a Project on FlexiPort, you can either apply to the project (paid members only) or you can buy the contact details of the work provider and connect directly. Similarly, when a work provider raises a service request for the service you have posted on the services marketplace, you can buy the contact details of the work provider.


Apply to Projects

To apply to projects you have to be either a Premium or an Ultimate member on FlexiPort.

Before applying to projects ensure your profile is completely filled out. Users with a profile score of less than 60 cannot apply to projects.

You can apply to projects only for the skill categories that you have selected in your profile.

Once you apply for a project, your application and profile is reviewed by the work provider. If they find your profile suitable, the work provider will directly connect with you to take the discussion forward.

FlexiPort does not charge any commission on the projects that you get from the platform. Neither does FlexiPort take any responsibility of the payments from the work providers.

Create your own Vanity Web Page - FlexiFolio

FlexiFolio is a a single page portfolio website that you can create for yourself. All you need to do is to sign up for a Premium or an Ultimate membership, fill out the FlexiFolio form and upload images/file. All the information you provide and the images you upload are presented on a single page website with a vanity extension on the FlexiPort site.

Get yourself a Private Domain for Free

Once you build your FlexiFolio, you can choose a private domain eg. www.yourname.com (feature available for annual members only). If the private domain is available, FlexiPort will book and host the domain for you. You can then use this domain for all your marketing and customer communication. This domain link will be diverted to your FlexiFolio page on FlexiPort.

Network with other Members

Build your professional network on FlexiPort. Connect with other members and communicate freely. Accelerate you business growth by building new associations and business relationships.

As a Premium or Ultimate member, you can connect with any member on the platform. Just browse the member directory and send a connection request to the FlexiPort member. Once your request is accepted you can communicate freely with the member.

Build credibility – Get Verified

Work providers look for trust and reliability when they browse your profile. A verified account provides the work provider the assurance of genuineness and builds credibility for you.

Once you request verification, we will call you and take you through the process. You will also be needed to provide us scanned copies of your identity and address proof to be categorised as a verified member.


Post A Project on the Projects Marketplace

To be able to hire experts on FlexiPort you have to be a registered member. Sign Up and create a Free account. Fill out your profile and ensure that your company description is filled out properly. Service Providers like to know who they would be working for. Click on "Post A Project" and fill out a simple form. Provide all details about your project. Ideally you should provide the following information:

  • A detailed description of the project and the key deliverables
  • Skills required for the execution of the project
  • Location
  • Type of Project - On–Site/ Remote/Work-from-home/Part-time
  • Expected duration of the project

Once you fill out this information you can submit it for screening and approval. We might get in touch with you for any further information.

In case you need an assisted posting of your project you could call us on our land line numbers.

Posting a Project and hiring experts from FlexiPort is absolutely FREE.

Raise A Service Request on the Services Marketplace

Service providers post their services on the Services Marketplace. You could hire experts by browsing the Services listed in the Services Marketplace. If you are interested in talking to a service provider to hire his/her services, you can raise a service request and provide details about your business and your requirements. The service provider will establish direct contact with your after reviewing your request.

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